Macron Dégage (Get OUT!)

Posted December 15th, 2018 by Iron Mike

We may be watching the beginning of the break-up of the Socialist Dream of a European Union. The American Left should PAY ATTENTION!

First it was UKIP and Brexit,  now the anti-Globalist fight has been taken up by France’s Yellow Vests,  – and it is spreading.

Just three short working days after Macron went on TV to stop the Yellow Vest Riots,  – they’re back in the streets – now demanding he step down!

Clearly this delicately built Boy President isn’t up to the task of running a country,  – even one as small as France.  Yet he had Globalist dreams….AND he thought he had a mandate – that ALL Frenchmen shared his views on Global Warming and open-arms immigration.

Then a Muslim went on Jihad in Strasbourg….and made him look like an utter ninny….

LESSON for America’s Left Wing Dreamers:

If you haven’t bothered to study History….

…if you don’t remember how Napoleon came to POWER,

…if you don’t know how Lenin came to POWER,

…if you don’t remember how Mussolini came to POWER,

…if you don’t remember the Rise of the Third Reich,

…if you never learned about Peron or Pinochet,

…if you don’t remember Cuba in the 1950s – the 26 July Movement,

…if you don’t recall 1998 and the lies Hugo Chávez told the Venezuelan people,…which led to their starving today….just 20 years later…

…then maybe you should study HISTORY,  – and stop trying to promise people “Green Economies”, “Open Borders”, and FREE Medical Care and FREE College,…

In other words: STOP fucking with our Constitutional Republic!

Because unlike the peasants in Russia, China, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Chili, Cuba, Venezuela, Cambodia, Egypt and Syria,…

Americans have a 400-year history of Governing OURSELVES,  – and of opposing tyrants with GUNFIRE…

…AND the vast majority of Americans are WELL-ARMED!

5 Responses to “Macron Dégage (Get OUT!)”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Yes Mike,
    Within months after defeating Hitler’s “master race,” England began going “soft” and bureaucrats thought they knew best how to spend money better than the “serfs” that actually earned it.

    The definitive book destroying how ANY socialism leads only to misery, starvation and death was then written: “The Road to Serfdom”: Fiftieth Anniversary Edition Oct 15, 1994 by F. A. Hayek and Milton Friedman Paperback $10.00(48 used & new offers).

    Spend $10 and some time reading — you’ll be just as scared now as then. And see how history really does show what socialism will do to the current US snowflakes who think they want it.

    Len Mead, Old Unwashed Conservative

  2. Varvara

    Re: LM

    Thank you, I’m a history buff, read a lot about WWII and the coming WWIII.

  3. Panther 6

    Macron has lost control and I suspect will go shortly. What awaits France, with the street people mobs calling the tune, remains to be seen. God help us if somehow we don’t learn from this and also from what is happening in the Mid East.

  4. Ben

    When something is not broken, leave it alone. We have the greatest country in the world. It may not be perfect but it’s better than any where else. I don’t know where you could be better off in any other country if your willing to earn your own living instead of riding on everyone else labor. If you’re legitimately disabled you will be taken care of. That’s what a free society does.

  5. Walter Knight

    What happens in America happens in Europe first. The French almost lost their country. A desperate war is coming for Europe. We’re not there yet.