Lying Duh-Val Shielding Alien Criminals

Posted October 1st, 2010 by Iron Mike

Have you heard of the Secure Communities Program?  It is a way for police departments to have the fingerprints of suspects checked against an ICE database.  Under current laws state governors have to sign a memo of agreement to have their cities and towns access it.  There has been a pilot version working in the City of Boston. 

But in your town?  Not under Duh-val’s watch!  Remember he and his college buddy Obama are pro-immigration.  Watch this practiced liar when he’s asked about it


What this means in a nutshell is that the Obama-Soros Cartel / World-Socialists / Progressives / “Liberal Democrats” are so concerned with turning 13,000,000+ illegals into registered democrat voters that they will turn their backs, – in Duh-Val’s case even lie – and let the violent criminal element stay here too.  To hell with borders – to hell with your safety!  FoxNEWS caught him in this lie.

More bad news for Duh-val

Tim Cahill’s LtGov running mate, 8th Middlesex Rep  Paul J.P. Loscocco of Holliston announced this morning that he is quitting his race as the Independent for LtGov, and will support Baker/TiseiLoscocco was formerly a Republican.  Welcome back Paul.

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  1. asusue

    When in a meeting with Rep. Niki Tsongas, I asked her why she didn’t favor using EVerify so employers could easily check the status of prospective employees, I got this answer: Well, that system makes mistakes. When pressed to explain how often that happened she couldn’t come up with an answer. The comment was something on the order of- More than you’d think. Thanks, Niki. It’s so much better to just assume they are all telling the truth. I can hardly wait for November.