Lyin’ Charlie’s Sudden Change Of Heart!

Posted December 29th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Maybe Charlie wants some Trump Help in his re-election run come 2018…?   Careful Charlie,…look at how Trump humiliated your buddy Mitt….

12 Responses to “Lyin’ Charlie’s Sudden Change Of Heart!”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    Best quote of the month (in Jan. Edition of Boston Broadside – hits the street Jan. 2….):

    Ed Lambert
    WXTK 95.1 FM
    Cape Cod M-F 7 – 10 A.M.
    “Neither Governor Charlie Baker, nor his Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito, has been asked [by President-Elect Donald Trump] for input into the replacement [for outgoing U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz], which is – quote, un-quote – a normal thing that the president-elect will reach out, or the president will reach out to the local governor, lt. governor, and officials, to find out who might be a good candidate for U.S. Attorney in Massachusetts. And Baker and Polito are going … Well, we can’t understand why we haven’t been asked?

    Well, Charlie, all you gotta do is figure out how many times you said you weren’t going to vote for Trump and you’re not going to vote at all. And how many times Karyn Polito, you snubbed the Trump. So don’t be too heartbroken. I’m sure that there are Republicans in the state who can give him [Trump] some ideas, but you two are probably not going to be on the top of his list.”

  2. Iron Mike

    But,…will they at least stay at the Trump International in DC…..

    Adjoining rooms….?

  3. Christine

    How wonderful.
    And do we get to pay for it?


    Of course!

  4. integrity 1st

    He has no shame. He should absolutely not go to the celebration of someone he tried to defeat. Pure scum.

  5. Mt Woman

    From this woman’s perspective, the MASSGOP didn’t do anything to support the Republican candidates in MA, from Trump/Pence down to the candidates running for State offices–we lost on all accounts and unlike some other “blue” states that turned “red” in 2016. we are still completely in the failing Democratic tank come 2017 and beyond. Sorry Charlie, too little, too late!

  6. integrity 1st

    The credit the MA GOP is taking for what went on this past election makes me sick. EXPOSE EXPOSE EXPOSE these Democrats running the GOP!

  7. Kojack

    MASSHOLE-A-CHUSSETTS is lost for another 6 years at least regarding the corner office as no REAL republican will vote to re-elect Baker even if it means handing the governorship back to the MASSHOLES.

  8. Jim

    RIP MA GOP. You are a dessicating piece of carrion. Fade off into oblivion. Luckily we got out of MA last year. Sometimes it’s just time to move on and cut one’s losses.

  9. Jim

    If Baker was so het up on hating Trump… why would he even go to DC? Unless he figures that it’s one of the only chances left to go there. Maybe he’ll just sit quietly in the back and look ahead to what real Republicans do. Probably not. He’s clueless.

  10. Jim Buba

    Happy New Year!

    Baker’s seat in D.C. is plainly marked and a stall reserved, though I believe the brass handle has been removed to save water.

  11. Marc

    What Charlie Baker ought to do is pull an Arlen Spectre and become a Democrat. I think that there is no way that he will win a second term as a Republican. As was the case when Romney ran for president the last time around, too many Republicans will stay home rather than vote for Baker. I know that I won’t vote for him. The most important lesson I learned from the Trump situation is to never, ever, vote for a RINO ever again. Now, although there’s no way I’d ever vote for Baker as a RINO Republican I would consider voting for him if he were a Democrat. Charlie wouldn’t need to change his positions on any issues, he’d just be where he really belongs. I mean, I’d rather have Baker on the other side pulling the Democrats to the right, even if its only by a minuscule amount, than have him continue to contaminate the Republican party by pulling it to the left.

  12. Clinton ma tea party

    Baker and the establishment ahole Massachusetts Republican party is a a bunch of scum bag traitors. Baker will never win the next election for Governor he is all done with his anti Trump rhetoric. Good by Charlie, Kaufman and Minnie Mouse go join the true party you believe in The Socialist Democrat Party.
    Good riddance