Ludlow Goombah Tommy Petrolati ‘Retiring’?

Posted February 20th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Did the arrest Tuesday of corrupt Lowell Democrat David Nangle send a scare through the rest of those crooks on Beacon Hill?  Tommy Petrolati says he’s hanging it up after 33 years.
So MANY scandals:  1996 – the unwanted flowers.  2000 – got his unqualified wife Kathleen hired by the Probation Department.   2001 – the Redistricting Case.  2004 the Insurance Policy Scandal.  2010 – the 25 people hired by the Probation Department Scandal.   2010 the Ticket Broker Scandal.
Is there another investigation closing in on the Petrolati family state pensions?

Kathleen was hired at $40K,  – now makes north of $100K.

Are the Petrolatis hearing footprints in the night? 

One Response to “Ludlow Goombah Tommy Petrolati ‘Retiring’?”

  1. Jim Buba

    One can only hope the hiatus spreads quickly.

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