Lucas Braman Has One Last Request…

Posted February 14th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Lucas Braman

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  1. Tom Gilroy

    The Governer and , in particular, the self serving Democrats are always seemingly concerned about “the Children”. They preach to us all the time that it is always for “the Children”. Again, like so many other times, this is only for public and media consumption. As evidenced by the death of this beautiful child and so many others, it is not for “the Children” but for their and their hack and cronnies political careers. May they all burn in hell; and may the souls of these children forever rest with God in Heaven.

  2. Casey Chapman

    It’s going to take a lot more firings than just Olga, unfortunately. The corporate culture up on Bacon Hill, is that of corruption. Plain and simple.

  3. MC

    It always amazes me that Democrats will do nothing when evil happens to others; but let it happen to them, or one of their friends. OH, – how they will bitch, moan, and protest and insist that something is done about their problem immediately.

    The Boston Globe recently ran a story which included a DCF state report: …”Since 2001, more than 95 Massachusetts children whose cases were overseen by state social workers have died directly or indirectly because of abuse or neglect, according to state statistics. The death toll probably is considerably higher because state officials have not revealed how many died from 2011 to 2013.”…

    A tragedy of unfathomable proportions is happening because of the negligence of DCF of Massachusetts. Where are the sign welding protestors, the presidential statements & visits, the insistent public that people be fired and new laws enacted and old ones changed. Where is the Governor?

    When will those responsible be held accountable? It won’t happen!

    I guess there are tragedies and then there are conspicuous tragedies (that can be used for a political gain). One involves the killing of innocents by incompetent people, and the other involves a mental disabled young man with a gun.

  4. Sheryl

    I guess I missed this when it came out… Posting this picture of Lucas I think is in bad taste. Don’t blame DCF on this one! This child against the wishes and advice of DCF was put into custody of these foster parents … By a judge! This is a typical problem here in Barnstable county! We have several judges who “play DCF”… Another child is under order right now to have out of state visitation with his drug addicted father on probation for drug and drug related crimes including child endangerment ! It was against the direct recommendation of DCF and a GAL (guardian at liedum) Someone needs to look at family court in Barnstable we have bigger problems here other than DCF! Just the facts!

  5. Sheryl

    This child who you exploit to get Deval … Lucas is found to have several charges against the custodial parents two lesbians who a judge ordered to have custody… I think you should do more homework if you are going to post his name and face Mike! I know DCF needs an overhaul… BAKER NOT FISHER has said this for months and months before you even! You picked it up later… Lucas is not the case here… And how dare you use his face and name here! You are the voice of what?! I’ve been an ally for a very long time this time you crossed a line! And you are mistaken! I ask you look Into it and correct it ..,

  6. Sheryl

    After their mother’s arrest, Layla and Lucas went into foster care for about three weeks before Barnstable Juvenile Court Judge James Torney placed them — against DCF wishes — with Erb and Cavallini. Who filed for custody claiming they were “family”. Where his judgement overrides DCF.

    Cavallini has her own mental health issues. And DCF fought to keep Lucas and Layla with the foster mother.

    All of this is public information. Yesterday it was released that Erb and Cavallini have a litany of abuse and neglect incidents recorded during the investigation.
    In their letter, department officials said they found evidence to support 14 abuse and neglect allegations against Cavallini and Erb for their treatment of Lucas and Layla, who was then 3 but is now 4.

    The case is still an ongoing investigation but the blame here and spotlight should be on this Judge. And how many more cases are the Barnstable county court judges are making decisions like these against the recommendations of professionals. I KNOW DCF is out of control but this is also a serious problem.

  7. Betty Rawnsley

    Lucas Braman’s Case is in the hands of the state officials. They are unable to speak of some of my concerns,relating,to his medical health care. He had been seen by a medical care facility,numerous times,before he died unexpectedly,in his sleep. The officials are supposed to perform a thorough review and investigation. The state officials should have spoken with the medical staff involved in his care,after,reviewing his autopsy report. The medical staff never reported any abuse or negligence of the care providers,on to any state officials. The state officials may be under some obligations,if,Lucas received many vaccines,in a short time frame,before any unexpected or unexplained death. There is a “Vaccination Injury Compensation Program” in place. It is not an accountable government health care program but it is all we have,at this time and date. There may be some type of medical negligence, involved, in this case and that may be why the news media is unable or unwilling to speak to me. The state officials were pleased to let me know that “no” public review of the autopsy report would ever be released,unless,you are a lawyer or state official. I’m sure the parents will be allowed to review the report and I hope they gain access to an independent evaluation. Lucas does deserve a voice in this process. The state officials are not always looking out for the best interest of an individual child. The federal government suggests that state examiners and state officials follow some appropriate protocol,but,they don’t hold anyone accountable.
    I spoke with someone very close to this case,after,reading some news media reports. The care provider made one statement: “It killed her to see Lucas get so many vaccines,within the time frame that she cared for Lucas.” It was a short time frame. I believe the care providers told the medical staff about their concerns. They felt like the doctors were not listening to them. Lucas did not seem to feel well. The medical staff decided to continue to give him more vaccines. I believe he was administered a flu shot,as well. You are not supposed to give any child that is not feeling well any vaccines,let alone,too many vaccines,in a short time frame. Some do experience side affects and “death” is one of those side affects,sometimes.
    If you have any concerns or would care to ask me any questions about some of the fraud and corruption,that I have witnessed and found to be truthful,in the N.E. Region. Please contact me: 207 396 0622 or by email: ( The news media is stonewalling many facts from the public’s view and Governor Deval Patrick would have never been able to “Live Free” of any accountability,time and time,again. ) Some attorneys employed,in the New England Region,at a local,state and national level of governing are not protecting our children. Way too many personal and political agendas are standing in the way and the highest wage earners, in the entire country are playing procedural games,at the expense and well being of our own “children.” Thank the unethical news media industry for that process!