LtGov Arm Candy Emerges

Posted April 7th, 2020 by Iron Mike

3 Responses to “LtGov Arm Candy Emerges”


    Will Polito run for Governor in 2022?

    Will Baker run for President in 2024?

    The more we vote for RINO’s the stronger they get politically.

    Nip it in the bud now by discontinuing to vote for RINO’s at your local and State level.

    Stop feeding the beast and it will die.

    Don’t let another generation of RINO’s rise up to power.

    Massachusetts has had Weld, Romney, and Baker/Polito.

    We can’t afford to go RINO again.

    For your children’s sake think before you vote.

  2. Stubby Buddy

    I knew Arm Candy back in central Massachusetts (she’s from Shrewsbury; I was one city farther west – look it up). Back then she seemed to be a straightforward, reasonable, reasonably conservative, person. It’s sad to see the degeneracy of the rinos infecting her as it has for the past however-many years.

  3. Jim Ettwein

    Unfortunately this too often seems the path that previously reasonable people follow. They grow further and further to the left, in hopes of getting more and more voters. Unfortunately, the left NEVER reciprocates. Never. They don’t care. Their idea of bipartisan means that you much vote like they do. I am SO glad I left this state. Every.Single. Day.