Loyalty Lesson For Democrats

Posted March 6th, 2015 by Iron Mike

US Senator Bob Menendez is your average slithering democrat viper – the kind that almost always goes along with the party hacks and covers for them, – the Clintons in the 90s, – and most recently for Obama and ObamaCare.
Bob Menendes at AIPAC

But with so many Jewish voters back home in New Jersey – he more fully gets the real implications of Obama’s nuclear sellout to Iran, – and he has been very public in his opposition Now he’s learning about Obama-Holder PAYBACK:

The old issues of selling his vote and influencing legislation – issues he though had died a quiet political death,…have suddenly resurfaced.

Grand Jury investigates Senator Menendez

Obama’s wrath at anybody opposing his legacy deal with the Iranian Twelvers is huge. He’s had lame duck AG Eric Holder present the case to a Federal Grand Jury….

Menendez with Pelosi

The lesson is being brought upon Bob Menendez’ head – but it is for ALL Democrats to see – and take note of.   Obama can be as vindictive as ISIS, – so long as he has a lackey like Holder to do the heavy lifting.

Imagine!  Obama & Holder charging anyone with ‘corruption’?

Corzine Obama Menendez

The ‘Loyalty Lesson’?  

With vipers and traitors

there isn’t any!

Good luck Bob! Obama is selling you out as fast as he’s selling out our entire country!

UPDATE:  April Fool’s Day Bob!   Wed, 1 April 2015 NJ Democrat Senator Bob Menendez [who sided with Israel against Obama] – now indicted on corruption charges.

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  1. Walter Knight

    Menendez says he supports Israel, until it comes to a close vote, when he votes with Obama. He’s a crook many times over.