Loving Illegals In Lawrence

Posted April 3rd, 2011 by Iron Mike

Your humble RRB crew traveled to Lawrence High School yesterday to attend the third is a series of ‘hearings’ on the Secure Communities Program.  Once again the irresponsible attitudes and partisan behavior of Deval Patrick’s Administration were on display.

So was the in-your-face arrogance of the illegal immigrant community and their MoonBat backers.


We have somewhere between 13 – 20 million illegals living among us.  Most work in low-skill and low-paying jobs.  Except for that nagging fact that they’re here illegally – most pretty much obey the law.

EXCEPT:  They pay little or no taxes, and yet put a full strain on school systems and our health care establishment – which cannot turn away a patient.  So we support them through higher fees and higher taxes.

AND:  Some of them commit crimes.  Some commit very violent crimes.  Americans and legal residents are murdered, robbed, and raped almost every day by illegal immigrant criminals.

THEY are hard to track – because many use several names, several made-up or stolen SSNs, and they if arrested, booked, and let out on bail, – they often fail to appear for their hearings and trials.  They’re in the wind.

SO, Secure Communities is a way to snag them when they get arrested again elsewhere for doing something else.  It is a simple matter of sending a second copy of their fingerprints [without any other ‘profiling’ information] to Homeland Security.  If there is a match with a previous crime – ICE can send this thug back to his country of origin.

SOMETIMES, they find somebody they’ve already deported in the past.  Our borders are truly wide open.


Border and immigration security have been a sordid joke for most of the past four decades, since the Vietnam War.  At first it was just about cheap farm labor, lawn care, and live-in nannies.  And of course – drugs.  Now it is about labor in food processing, janitorial services, grocery stores, the construction trades, and almost every business in your town.

Many so-called ‘Republican’ businessmen are quietly using illegal labor, shrugging, and claiming “it’s a federal problem, not mine“.

In California and across much of our Southwest the trickle became a flood.  State governments are overwhelmed.  Hospitals birthed so many illegals without being paid they had to close.  School systems in many cities and towns are predominately educating illegals [or anchor babies] – fully at your expense.

Now there are serious allegations that Democrats in many jurisdictions allowed hordes of illegals to vote in 2008 and 2010.  Of course, the eventual Democratic scheme is to grant amnesty to all of them, and have a secure voting bloc of at least 15 million captive Hispanic voters, already well schooled in Mexican Socialism.

But after a decade of high profile crimes and horrific murders, the Federal Government came up with a token program called Secure Communities.  Only the worst would be targeted for removal – those with convictions for serious crimeAnd immediately came the Liberal BACKLASH!

“That’s RACIST!  That’s PROFILING!”

“That’s not Christian!”

I get a chuckle out of how fast Church and State can mix when it suits liberal agendas.  But a cross out in the middle of a desert,  or a nativity scene on the town square, – and they fly into court.  Separation!!  No crosses!  No mangers!  No Ten Commandments! No prayers on the football field!! 

Today in a Massachusetts public high school several preachers rose to preach Christianity and read Bible passagesOoooMG!  And not a peep from the ACLU!  Wow!

Gov’nr Patrick, like most über-liberals ‘ sees immigrants as his new voter base.  He can’t wait for a pResidental declaration of amnesty and a ‘fast-track’ to citizenship.  The DREAM Act was supposed to have opened that door.  It got stopped.

Patrick halted implementation of Secure Communities – only allowing it to proceed where the pilot program was begun in Boston.  There are similar situations across the USA – where some cities have declared themselves ‘sanctuary cities’.  Guess where the worst of the illegals migrate?


Waiting for us are the full array of left-wing MoonBat groups.  There was the SEIU, the Reverend from the Church of Perpetual White Guilt, the Socialist Workers Party, the We Work Hard Alliance, the F*ck You We’re Staying advocacy group, and of course the ever-present ACLU.

Unlike the meeting site last month at Bay State College, Lawrence High has a magnificent auditorium.  Taxpayers should be proud. The crowd pretty much filled it.

You know who was missing?  The sanctimonious Acton and Boxborough Republicans!  I know – this was the weekend they were busy planning Octoberfest.

Or maybe they were having cocktails with Party Chair Barbie?

Thank Gawd for the Northborough and Marlborough TEA Parties!  They came in droves, as did members of the Isaac Davis Chapter of MA-RA, and their friends.  We were still outnumbered, but at least we ruined the one-sided love-feast and photo-op the Gov’nr had hoped for.

This time Richard Chacon was upstaged by his boss – the absolute air-headed bimbo who serves as your Secretary of Public Safety, – Mary Beth Heffernan.  Her key qualification is being uninformed and thus being unable to answer questions.  But she clearly loves immigrants, so she’s a perfect Patrick Patsy.

Curt Wood’s PowerPoint was readable on LHS’s big screen.  So is Curt, – he is the best living example of a guy just putting in his time until he can put in his papers.  Law enforcement and getting rid of criminal illegals is of no interest to him.  He’s the kind of guy who is really good at sitting in meetings and keeping his mouth shut.

Secretary Heffernan was astute enough to acknowledge that it was a beautiful afternoon.  But that was the last fact she got correct all afternoon.  Her job isn’t to know the facts or answer citizen questions.  Her job is to stall for time.  She helps Duh-val reassure the immigrant community. She is a former parole board member.  That should explain a lot.

After the slide show came the Q & A.  Lines formed down both aisles.

The first speaker was the Preacher Lady from Gloucester who read bible passages and compared Secure Communities to the Nazi Death Camps.  That didn’t sit well with many including Marty Lamb – who lambasted [no pun] her when his turn came.  Her point – like many who followed her is that it is somehow un-Christian or un-American to send fingerprints to DHS and to deport criminals.

Dozens spoke – many with heavy accents – almost starting off with “I am a resident of Lawrence….we are good people, – we work hard, – we don’t cause problems, – we’re afraid of the police,- don’t break up families, – we’re afraid to report crimes, – we’re all immigrants here”.

We didn’t get the series of sob stories and horror stories we’d heard in Framingham.  I guess somebody figured that didn’t sell.  But the Socialist Workers, the ACLU, several preachers, and several ‘Immigrant Advocacy Groups‘ all spoke.  Even State Rep Devers.

[the Eagle Tribune asked us to remove their copyright photo – does somebody have a good one they can send us?]

Their underlying message is they want government – both state and federal – to ignore them, ignore the law, and even ignore the violent criminals that live in their communities. 

Is running an ‘immigrant advocacy group’ a good paying job?

Cleverly they quite pointed out that since Mary Beth couldn’t answer their questions about how the program will be run – then it must be a bad program.  Hell, Mary Beth couldn’t find her way back to I-495 and Boston without a driver!  Maybe that’s Curt’s job.

Blocked by two campus cops. Dude in striped shirt is a Patrick Staffer as is the young lady in the white blouse.

People became exasperated, and there was a lot of booing – from both sides of the issue.  Mary Beth kept scolding.  Finally I had something to add, but as I rose to join the line for the microphone it seems I triggered a reaction.  Two of the campus police moved in front of me and blocked my passage.  They insisted the line was over and that I would not be allowed to speak.

TEA Party members jumped to action – getting in front of them to photograph their blockade.  Nerves cracked and I got to the microphone – which was removed.  Across the hall the other line still had 15 people waiting.  The audience roared.  I was allowed to begin speaking.  Then Mary Beth said I was rude because I’d turned toward the audience ‘turning my back to her’ she said.  The portable microphone was produced.  I spoke.

And by their actions my point was clearly made:  The Patrick Administration does NOT want to hear from US Citizens on this issue, and certainly not from Conservative ones.  

If you want your voice heard – you better get involved – quickly!

They are going to cater to and coddle the illegal population of Massachusetts – even to the point of handcuffing the police.  Even if it means letting murderers and rapists float untouched in a sea of illegals. 

ATTENTION DEMOCRATS:  If you don’t like driving through certain sections of Boston, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcester, Springfield, Fitchburg, etc today, – then WAKE UP to what is happening to your state.  The longer you let Duh-val run his ‘sanctuary’ – the more Massachusetts will become a Third World Enclave. 

Again, there was no ICE or police officials present – except the school cops who tried to block me from speaking.

The Socialist Governor has been re-elected – and he WILL have HIS WAY!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Many thanks to Mrs. RR and others for taking the photos.  Please note that thus far only the Eagle Tribune even bothered to report the event.

Careful:  Scary Video:
[youtube width=”504″ height=”349″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJo54ZfJBpQ[/youtube]

4 Responses to “Loving Illegals In Lawrence”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Another excellent posting, it was just like returning to the scene of the criminal illegal aliens. There were also more of the usual suspects present, the SEIU and another socialist group the Family Workers Party but they most likely don’t work. The scolding bias by Ms Heffernan was just a bit one sided, but it more than matched her total incompetence. Do you really think that ICE and representatives from the local police will be present at the next scheduled meeting in Chelsea?

  2. whathehell

    What we need to do is to get someone from law enforcement involved, or at these meetings. RR you nailed it about the three board members. And Mrz. Heffernan, You Work For Us. See you in Waltham.

  3. BUD


  4. mike grammont

    You made the front page of ‘The Valley Patriot’.

    I was here too. Thanks for showing up, a few of our elected officials who should have been there, like Barry Feingold didn’t show.