Louisville Kentucky: A Planned Riot

Posted September 23rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

Where does a U-Haul loaded with signs,  shields,  and sticks come from,  – and how does the mob know when and where to meet it?  video:
UPDATE:  Louisville, Wed nite – 23 Sept  – 2 officers shot

Understand this Folks:

The BLM goons who did this (and who will do it again) are the totally expendable useful idiots of the core BLM group.  They have been propagandized for YEARS by the poverty pimps and the communist cadres,  – they BELIEVE shooting cops is ‘justified payback’ – because they’ve been told they’re in a race war.

And it isn’t just the poverty pimps telling them that.  It’s school teachers, neighborhood preachers, local politicians, media people, Hollywood celebrities, and the Colin Kapernicks of America,  – all merchants of racial hatred.

How many more US Cities will Soros set ablaze between now and Election Day?

How many more in the weeks after…?

Ammo UP Americans.  Stand Ready!

NONE of us want a civil war,  – and certainly not a race war stirred up by communists and George Soros.

BUT IF WAR COMES TO YOUR STREET,  – if the mob of stupid young people filled with hate come to your doorstep,  – be assured all the cops in town will be busy elsewhere.

You’ll be on your own.

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Listen to this totally misleading CBS broadcast which calls the riot “mostly peaceful”.

When two cops have been shot,  there is NOTHING ‘peaceful’ going on.

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  1. Jim Buba

    Now is a good time to ratchet up the Intel Gathering.