Loudoun County School Board Bullies

Posted June 23rd, 2021 by Iron Mike

As in many schools around our country – elected board members,  – usually liberals of mediocre backgrounds,  – have suddenly become strutting popinjays of WOKENESS – and are exercising powers not granted by any Constitution or Laws.

Knowing instinctively they are on dangerous legal and social quicksand,  they are making brash pronouncements and enacting policies which anger thinking parents.
Tuesday night in Virginia – it happened again:  VIDEO: 

It is a special kind of 21st Century political sickness,  – when adults elected to a SCHOOL BOARD – – waste time drafting “Policies” about what pronouns to call particular students who have identified themselves as “Transgender”.

Why must the rest of a school – administrators, staff, teachers, and fellow students have to adhere to this CRAP?

WHERE in the Constitution and Laws of Virginia does it specify that SCHOOL BOARDS SHALL ENACT SUCH POLICIES?

WHO is guilty of assuming and thus ABUSING powers not granted?

At RRB we have been observing for years the growing encroachment upon parental rights – and on student rights – by overbearing left-wing school boards.

Frankly – it amounts to CHILD ABUSE!

HINTS to Chair Brenda Sheridan:

1.   If you hold a PUBLIC MEETING:  – let the Public TALK,  – and LISTEN to what the angry people are saying.

2.  If you have to hide behind a squad of Sheriff’s Deputies,  – you’re doing something VERY WRONG – and likely a future court is going to say so.

3.  Lose some weight Piggy.   You make a terrible example for students.

Instead of worrying about PRONOUNS Brenda,  – take a hard look at how your 31% minority students are doing in Reading,  Math,  Science,  and History.

At RRB we’re pretty sure that the 15% who are Asian are doing just fine – likely outstripping your 69% “White” kids; – – but how about your Black kids?   

Can they enter the JOB MARKET when they graduate?

Can they even fill out a job application…?

Just so you RRB Readers understand the SIZE of the problem – the Loudoun County School System has 12,000 employees….

It’s a major industry there, – and a major voting block.

4 Responses to “Loudoun County School Board Bullies”

  1. Jim Buba

    “Who are you?” (Sheriff)

    “John. I’m attending a Public Meeting. I live here.” ( Parent )

    “Arrest this man for Trespassing.” (sheriff)

    …and the commies win

  2. Varvara

    The father of the student had every right to be there and speak up.

  3. Stubby Buddy

    Proper response of the father in Jim Buba’s example:

    “Who are you?” (Sheriff)

    “YOUR EMPLOYER.” (Parent)

    These people need to be reminded they work for US, not the other way around. Including – and especially – that bully/be-atch of a school board chairman. Yes, I said it – chairMAN. That’s the word.

    DUMP all of the PC-talk bullcrap; it is offensive self-censorship on the altar of wokeness.

  4. Blossom Stiefel

    This Critical Race Theory that is being pushed all over our country must end. Our children are in danger, they are being taught lessons that are un-American. The parents of Loudoun County have every right to speak out to protect their children. Where is our First Amendment? What is happening to our country? Our rights are being taken by these arrogant boards, governors, mayors, where does this end?

    It will only end when the American people rise up and say enough is enough. We need to fight for our freedom, or we will lose everything.