Los Zetas Seize Texas Border Ranches [Hoax?]

Posted July 24th, 2010 by Iron Mike

UPDATE:  Wed, 11 August:  Official Denial – see video at end of piece.

UPDATE:  2 PM EST Monday, July 26th.  Thus far there has been no official confirmation – and no official denial – of this event.

I am forced to admit Possibility #1: it was a wonderful [ but scary] internet hoax.  If that is the case, and given how the thing spread on the internet, – I remain amazed that local law enforcement didn’t take local press in tow and conduct a health and safety sweep of the areas in question. 

Students at Laredo Community College, which sits right on a bend of the Rio Grande, sometimes hear gunfire taking place just ½ mile west and south across the border in Nuevo Laredo.

Possibility #2: is that it’s real but there is a news blackout.  Given the way the Obama Cartel put the clamps on news and photos of the BP gulf oil leak, this ~ is ~ a possibility.

Possibility #3:  the event was a training exercise by federal / local authorities.  OK, what intelligence would DHS have to indicate that such training might be worth undertaking?

Possibility #4:  the event was a training exercise by Los Zetas – for the day when a massive Mexican military sweep might force them into a quick escape across the border to “safety” in Texas.   

In any event, our Southern Border gets more dangerous every day and the Obama Cartel does NOTHING [except sue Arizona for defending its citizens].

– – – More when we know it. – – –

It took Obama MONTHS to figure out how many troops to surge into Afghanistan.  Let’s see how long it takes him to figure THIS ONE out.

The Los Zetas – the most ruthless and homicidal of Mexico’s drug smuggling cartels – have just seized two ranches adjacent to the Mexican border.  One near Farm to Market Road 1472 and State Route 255.  This is just 15 miles northwest of Laredo, and just a mile or two inside the US border. The other is due south of Laredo off US 83. Story developing:

Laredo Police have confirmed to two separate news outlets that the American ranchers did escape with their lives.  Outgunned and already overstrained, the Laredo Police have asked for federal help.  Given the way things run at DHS and Justice,  they’ll probably be sued by Eric Holder for profiling.

Just who are Los Zetas?  Worst of the worst!  Their core is former Mexican Special Ops and anti-gang police, – all with very advanced [US funded] anti-drug training.  But the pay was nominal, and they saw their leaders were corrupt. So they went over to the dark side and into business for themselves, – pushing existing drug cartels into submission, or just killing them.

I can’t wait for Obama to apologize to Los Zetas for all the trouble that pesky border has put them to.  In his next breath he’ll promise to eliminate it. 

Stay tuned, and see if either the MSM or the Obama Cartel picks upon any of this

And if this proves to be an internet hoax, I’ll report it that way.

UPDATE:  9 AM EST Sunday, 25 July:  Three (3) possibilities emerge – since the Laredo PD isn’t talking,

  1.  It’s real, and there is an official news blackout . . .

  2.  It’s a hoax . . .

   3.  It’s an FBI / Border Patrol training exercise . . .

   /s/  Iron Mike
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2 Responses to “Los Zetas Seize Texas Border Ranches [Hoax?]”

  1. MC

    Maybe some of the $340 Million we are sending to Mexico along with helicopters can help these ranchers get their property back. In the end it will be the ranchers fault because they are hard working and should just “redistribute their wealth” to these known killers. Or maybe there can have a beer summit between the ranchers and the cartel. This administration spends money for turtle tunnels, bike trails, and pig odors but our borders are a joke.

  2. LD