Loretta Lynch Wants A B-I-G Payday

Posted June 30th, 2016 by Iron Mike

She is supposed to be the People’s Attorney,  – guarding us from the corruptions and evils of monopolies and over-reaching government agencies and officials,  – looking out for the little guy and the voiceless.  Not Loretta!  Her abuse of POWER this week is mind-numbing.  She’s got her hand out! Make it go away
On Monday Lynch held a private meeting for 30 minutes – with Bill Clinton aboard her executive jet – parked at a remote Phoenix tarmac…

She could not have committed a much more unethical, unprofessional, and likely illegal act if she’d tried.

There are MANY PARTS to this sordid story….

In a big way,  Lynch owes her current high-profile job to Bill Clinton – who in 1999 nominated the then-unknown stubby Black prosecutor to become US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

For some years now the FBI has been investigating first the Benghazi Massacre and more recently Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account hosted on a private server – located in her home – to conduct both her private business and government business while she was Obama’s first SecSTATE.

At ISSUE is whether she deliberately violated National Security Laws to avoid any possibility that a FOIA court order could someday compel her to disclose her private emails,….

…AND,…if in doing so she deliberately or recklessly compromised National Security by making it easy for foreign governments and individual hackers to gain access to that server, – and to her trove of secret emails….

ALSO at ISSUE is whether others aided, abetted, and had knowledge of her reckless and illegal computer use,  and conspired to COVER IT UP!

Computer technician Bryan Pagliano, – the young man who installed the equipment – has signed a limited immunity agreement with the FBI for his testimony. 

He clearly knows something and doesn’t want to go to prison.

Pagliano w Clintons

Essentially a star-struck geek – who likely had no clue about the Clintons evil intentions of strong-arming foreign governments and building a massive slush fund, – he is in many ways typical of the many people the Clintons have used, abused, and flung under the bus over the course of their political lives.

In some ways, – so is Loretta Lynch – who got placed in a high-profile NY City job back when Bill Clinton was still reeling from his impeachment. Her nomination provided Bill with political cover, – and relief from headlines about Monica Lewinsky.

But she is in a very important position now, – and she wants something….

A whole slew of high level State Department people, from Cheryl Mills to Huma Abedin to James Steinberg to dozens of lesser horse-holders…are all potential defendants or at least material witnesses.

And this includes Bill Clinton!

At first blush, Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton is a text-book law school case of (1). STUPID, (2). unethical, (3). illegal,  and finally (4). CRIMINAL.

Stupid and unethical because it is slathered with the appearance of impropriety. Her claim that they were just old friends discussing grandchildren rings hollow, – a last-minute cover story (so much like that ‘vile anti-Muslim video’ stirring up the Benghazi massacre) – concocted because she never dreamed her meeting would be discovered.

Illegal because she just compromised the Government’s case against Hillary et al.  By simply having the meeting with Bill (a likely co-defendant or at least a material witness) without having him represented by counsel, – and without having another person there as a witness for the Government.

CRIMINAL,  because she was offering to trade favors – the use of the power of her office in exchange for something she wants

What does Loretta want?

Power, money, and revenge…..

She’d like to stay on as Attorney General well into Hillary’s first term,…long enough to earn that high level pension….

THEN, she’d like to be nominated to the Supreme Court….

BUT,…she smart enough to know that (1). Hillary might not be elected,…

…and (2). a Republican-controlled Senate would never confirm her nomination.

Worse,…come November 9th,  the Clintons may out of the running – in no position to do Loretta any favors at all….

SO,…she’ll settle for a HUGE wad of CASH – deposited somewhere safe off-shore, – in exactly the kind of account she’s supposed to help the US Treasury Department do away with.

She KNOWS the Clintons know how to move cash around.

Clinton Global Initiative w faces

She just turned a former US President into a messenger boy….


Simple, she can make the FBI investigation into that damned server, and into other matters – like the Clinton World (slush fund) Initiative go away. 

AND, she can time it for just before the DNC – let’s say the week of July 17th…..

As the Attorney General,  she can deem any FBI findings and conclusions as being ‘insufficient to bring to a Grand Jury’,…and she can rule any Grand Jury indictment as being ‘insufficient for trial’….and decline to prosecute.

It would cause an uproar from the Republicans,  – but for enough money – and a possible seat on the Court, Loretta would gladly risk it. 

As part of the Obama Cartel, she is fully imbued with audacity,…and totally devoid of ethics.

And the use of the executive jet – and the cover trip itself – is all in furtherance of her crime….  She’s just turned those pilots into material witnesses…..

And if Bill conveys Loretta’s bribe offering to Hillary, – and they pay,…everything they own could be subject to a RICO conviction,….same for the Lynch family….

If Trey Gowdy becomes Donald Trump’s Attorney General,  – he’ll have a target-rich environment to start on….


By the way Folks,  – have you heard that resounding chorus of outraged protests arising from the various Law Schools, – the 50 State Bar Associations, – or the ABA – those guardians of the ‘sanctity’ of our Legal System….?

UPDATE:   Noon, Fri 1 July 2016   Loretta goes on a TV show to admit she caused “BAD OPTICS”…..

BAD OPTICS:  as in looking like the consigliere for a cheap Chicago Thug

Loretta Lynch Bad Optics 1 July

11 Responses to “Loretta Lynch Wants A B-I-G Payday”

  1. Varvara

    Trey Gowdy Trey Gowdy Trey Gowdy for AG !!!!



  3. Leo the Lion

    This is the typical Clinton MO.

    Bill Clinton is what the personality profilers at the Bureau refer to as a “successful sociopath”.

    He is also a successful con man.

    And the distinguishing feature of a con man is not so much his cunning and deception but rather his brazenness.

    With the following epigram, Tacitus captured both Bill and Hillary Clinton for the ages:

    “Audacity, once exposed, has no refuge but in audacity”.

  4. Hunter556

    Was she wearing a blue dress?


    It was black with a blue stripe

    Lynch in Phoenix

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    You all should have listened to the liberturds on Morning Joe this morning (yes, I surf back and forth during the morning shows because it’s good to know what your enemies are thinking….), defending and excusing the Clinton/Lynch tete-a-tete, where he actually delayed his take off 30 minutes so he could meet Lynch. And amazingly, Mika Brezezinski(sp) was taking them on, expressing her own displeasure with the way the media, “people who are supposed to report” shit like this, were giving her a pass. She seemed so disgusted by her panel that she abruptly closed the session saying something like “let’s move along, because that’s what everyone seems to be doing”…… My goodness, will wonders ever cease?

  6. William Clark

    Maybe she should be treated like Ollie North during “Ray-Gun” years and be allowed to walk right by Federal investigators and shred everything.

    Ronnie’s “Culpable Deniability” – while “Mommy” was just saying “No to Drugs”, Ronnie was financing the weapons of war with monies from the US drug trade.

    Can you think of anything worse? – A private war, millions in the US affected by available drugs pouring into our cities provided by Ronnie and the CIA.

  7. Hawk1776

    Right out of the liberal playbook. When faced with obvious indiscretions, change the topic and attack the opposition for something that happened thirty years ago. Here is something else you can attack: George Washington didn’t pay the toll when crossing the Delaware River.

  8. William Clark

    History is not a mystery – Someone told me the other day she wanted to go back to the Ronnie years where there was no corruption. I just smiled –

  9. Kojack

    The difference, Willie, is motivation. Reagan and North were ultimately trying free American hostages from the middle-east and fight communism in the western hemisphere. The Clintonistas on the other hand, and others of that ilk are trying to increase their power and line their own pockets.

    I guess drugs coming into the U.S. is ok with you LIB-TURDS as long as they’re being smuggled in by the illegal horde which is also bringing in diseases like TB and POLIO that were eradicated here decades ago.

  10. Kojack

    BTW aren’t you LIB-TURDS in favor of legalizing drugs beginning with THC?!?!?

    And speaking of history, if you could comprehend it you wouldn’t be a liberal.

  11. Marc

    Another fine example of affirmative action in action…