Loretta Lynch: The Caliphate’s Lawyer

Posted June 21st, 2016 by Iron Mike

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is represented by an American lawyer.  Her name is Loretta Lynch,  – and her other client is Barack Obama’s Criminal Cartel.
Loretta Lynch  attorney to the Caliphate
By law she is supposed to represent the American People,  defending us from monopolistic business interests and the over-reach of government officials and agencies.  During her 26 months in office, – she’s shown ZERO interest in doing that job.

Lynch is a case study in all that is wrong with Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity.

Clearly a more honest and worthy individual could have been accepted to Harvard and Harvard Law,  – but somehow back in the Jimmy Carter years a stubby Black female from North Carolina meant that Harvard could check off at least three boxes.

Her one ‘claim to fame’ was when as US Attorney for NY City she oversaw the prosecution of the rogue NYC cops who’d sodomized Abner Louima with a broomstick.

That was an open-and-shut case, – and shouldn’t have garnered her any great fame. But she was a short Black female – and thus an instant celebrity.

So Obama named her to follow Eric Holder as the Cartel’s Consigliere….and she has continued Holder’s efforts to misdirect and mislead Congress, the public, and the media.

Lynch, like Obama and Holder and many left-wingers hold a very skewed view of honor and of our Constitution. They feel strongly that since it was written by white slave-owners, – it never was meant to protect Black people or to apply to Black officeholders.

They feel they are NOT honor-bound to uphold it;  – rather, – that ‘Black Honor’ demands that they ignore it, – only seeking refuge behind a clause or two when absolutely necessary.

So if a Cartel Member – Hillary Clinton – was smuggling guns to the Sinaloa Drug Cartel,…

– or smuggling guns out of Benghazi to ISIS in Syria,…

– or using a private server to avoid people knowing about her strong-arming Arab countries for campaign contributions,….

– or inventing a phony cover story about a ‘vile anti-Muslim video’ to explain a lack of security in Benghazi…

…those are things the public doesn’t need to know about.

And if an American-born Muslim boy – son of refugees, – becomes radicalized, and methodically prepares to go on Jihad,….reconning targets, buying guns, deeding over his home,….well,  – that’s just one man’s insanity,  – it has nothing to do with Radical Islam!

Benghazi Lies 1 year later

A vile anti-Muslim video caused the Benghazi attack, – and a homophobic assault weapon walked itself into the Pulse Nightclub and killed 49 helpless victims.

Lotus Gunworks



Within HOURS of the Orlando Massacre, – the FBI was on the scene – seemingly taking jurisdiction from Orlando Police and Orange County Sheriffs,…and making a statement “…this was a HATE CRIME…”.

Really?   Because Obama says Muslims have contributed so much to Western Civilization,  – to the founding of America,…and even to our Space Program…?

How does the Justice Department end up with possession of the 911 tapes…?

Why is it the business of the Justice Department to release them – first in Muslim redacted format, – finally in complete(?) form…?

8 years lying under OATH

It sure looks like either Obama or Valerie Jarrett set Loretta Lynch up – the same way they once set Susan Rice up – to go forth and blatantly lie to the American People about an act of Muslim Terrorism….

Tar BabyIs Loretta the expendable Tar Baby?

With the case of Hillary’s illegal use of a private email server still pending before the FBI, – do we Americans have any hope that Justice will be served?

Or did we already vote away our Constitution in 2008 and 2012,  – and must we now gracefully accept living under Imperial Law and Royal Edicts…?

Royal Edict

BY ROYAL EDICT:  The attack at the Pulse Nightclub was the act of a mentally deranged lone homophobic hate-filled individual – made possible by his easy access to high-powered military-style machine guns. It had nothing to do with Islam,  – which is a religion of Peace!   Praise be to Allah!

THE GOOD NEWS:   The Obama-Clinton just overplayed their hand – and tipped their mitt….. Any thinking American voter can see the future if Hillary is elected.

7 Responses to “Loretta Lynch: The Caliphate’s Lawyer”

  1. Hawk1776

    Loretta Lynch’s best friend is Eric Holder’s wife so the Holder doctrine continues. It’s obvious Obama doesn’t like whites, although he’s half-white himself, and has stuck it to whites whenever possible. We are nearing eight years of Obama payback for whitey imposing slavery on blacks. Where he differs from Holder and Lynch is his Muslim heritage. Most conservatives view Muslims as the enemy. Liberals feel differently. Whenever a crime is committed by a Muslim it’s probably because of “white privilege”. If Obama isn’t Muslim he sure acts like one, and since he doesn’t like whites it’s easy to see his allegiance. Holder and Lynch are simply tools of Obama. Neither has fulfilled the obligations of the office they hold, but both will leave office to pursue lucrative positions with either law firms or universities. If you think that’s unfair, you are right.

  2. Hunter556

    Whites did not impose slavery on anyone….they were slaves to AFRICAN slave owners before coming to America….a fact lost on most…..as history is now a social experiment.

  3. Jim Gettens

    Just fired off link to this fine piece to Loretta herself at DoJ. Thought she’d like it…

  4. Hunter556

    Not sure I understand your point Jim…are you implying that as a black woman she is ignorant….or as a black woman she will act out the stereotype and react to words, true words, with illegal action or violence…..ask yourself who the racist is.

  5. Jim Gettens


    No point, other than getting under her skin or that of her ideologically warped DoJ sycophants. I couldn’t care less about any reaction, whatever that may be.

    While I’m here, good piece in NY Post: http://nypost.com/2016/06/20/obamas-war-on-omitted/

  6. Sherox

    I will defy anyone who keeps using the phrase “becomes radicalized.” They are not radicals, just those who have a clear understanding and belief in the Quran. They are doing exactly what their religion tells them to do. Read the Quran for yourself and do not listen to what others tell you about it.

  7. Kojack

    Kudos to Sherox for articulating this under emphasized fact. To become “radicalized” is simply to embrace all aspects of islam. Conversely, moderate muslims are simply secular and not totally devoted to islam and sharia law. It is their responsibility to fix the Islamic problem.