Loretta Lynch – Stone-Faced Gun Grabber

Posted January 21st, 2016 by Iron Mike

With this woman in charge of protecting Citizen’s Rights and Liberties, – this final year of the Obama Cartel looks to be really painful.
Unblinking Loretta Lynch
There is a gun-grabbing agenda afoot in the upper echelons of our federal government, – and yesterday it was written plainly on the AG’s stone face.

We can thank Alabama’s senior senator Richard Shelby for standing up for us, and putting Lynch and the Obama Cartel on notice.   But stone-faced Lynch barely blinked.

To understand how ignorance and fear pervades the entire gun rights discussion,  – note the extremely stupid question [57 second mark] from Senator Barbara Mikulski – born and raised in war-zone Baltimore,  – which was a shooting gallery this past summer….

Think about it,  – Mikulski has been in an elected official in City then Federal Government since 1971 – and 45 long year later she’s STILL TOO STUPID to understand where criminals and gang-bangers get their guns…..

As for Lynch, this runty Black oligarch is on a power trip, – and she doesn’t care what the Constitution says;  – she only cares about Obama’s agenda….on guns,  – on police actions,  – on immigration,  – on Hillary’s emails,  – on the IRS,  – on voter fraud….even on Planned parenthood selling baby parts…

We’re going to need a strong, fearless conservative president next year to clean out this Obama  “Just-US” Department and restore the rule of law.


BTW,   Left-wing Maryland eliminated their Death Penalty in 2013 – so you can murder someone with a gun – and the worst you’ll face is Life….

3 Responses to “Loretta Lynch – Stone-Faced Gun Grabber”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Loretta Lynch was a black activist in college, Harvard of course, where she obviously checked the box. Once a black activist, always a black activist. She broke and laughed at the law then, she tramples on the Constitution, the very Document that she solemnly swore to obey and protect now. These people just believe that they are above the law, above the Constitution. The damning evidence against Hillary is overwhelming, this is a most serious allegation and should Lorreta Lynch and her Justice Department not indict this alleged criminal, as she would any other citizen, we are in more trouble than we could even imagine. We can only hope and pray that equal justice will prevail.

  2. Walter Knight

    Trump’s first action upon taking office? “You’re fired!”

  3. Panther 6

    Lynch must go but also there are dozens of fellow travelers who feel and act like BO and Lynch that must also be given their walking papers. A wholesale house cleaning is needed to make this a JUSTICE Department again.