Loretta Lynch Issues A Bathroom Deadline

Posted May 5th, 2016 by Iron Mike

It seems she – and maybe Michelle Obama – want trannies and sex perverts using the Ladies Rooms in North Carolina schools and state buildings.
Lynch issues a deadline to NC
She’s given NC Governor Pat McCrory until Monday to assure her that he will NOT ENFORCE the new North Carolina law – HB2.

When Democrats, ‘Progressives’, and Socialists pursue clearly insane causes in the name of “Social Justice” and “Civil Rights”,  – and risk bad things happening to little girls,…you have to wonder what their end objective really is….

Lynch seems to feel that HB2 somehow violates the rights of trannies under Title VII and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act….

Ironic,…I remember Democrats fighting tooth and nail against the Civil Rights Act…

How does inviting a sex offender into the Ladies Room with little girls effect the rights of the little girls?

When and where did the Founding Fathers foresee and commit to writing instructions for handling Transgender Bathroom Rights back in 1787?

Founders forgot

Certainly there must have been transgendered people walking around back then;…why was it not an ISSUE worthy of a line or two in our Constitution…?

HOW does Obama and Loretta Lynch think that giving BOTH legitimate transgenders and SEX PERVERTS free and unquestioned access to little girls – is an advancement of ‘Civil Rights”?

NC sex offenders and Jenner

Or do they have another agenda altogether…?

Is Michelle Obama is constant danger of being ‘outed’ each time she uses a public restroom? Is Ms. Lynch as well…?

WHY this driving preoccupation about where a TINY FEW of our population take their pee?  WHERE has Common Sense gone…?


Is the Progressive Agenda to FORCE us to accept all things evil and weird – and to keep our mouths shut – EVEN in the face of mass abortions,  rampant sex offenders,  wholesale government corruption,  and hordes of unwelcome and hostile Muslim and Mexican immigrants?

6 Responses to “Loretta Lynch Issues A Bathroom Deadline”

  1. Asusue

    Doesn’t this fly in the face of the tenth amendment? Legislating this issue is certainly not a right granted the Federal government. So doesn’t that mean it is left to the states?

  2. Walter Knight

    It’s a fight for our culture. America is angry this election, rejecting media opinion and party leaders.

  3. Panther 6

    Walter has it right, AMERICA, the grass roots is angry, fed up and want a change. Hence The Donald. The bathroom and social engineering issues foisted on the majority by a small few is tearing us apart. Common sense has disappeared. Let’s hope a change in Washington can turn this around. BUT Hillary must be stopped first.

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    This is what the big government libertard types want: to now tell us which sexual deviants can go into which restroom. Watch out, folks…. Elect Clinton and she’ll be appointing more legally and sexually confused libertards to SCOTUS, who might just start taking a look at that spare bedroom you reserve for visitors to your home (your grandchildren, for instance….) and direct you to make that bedroom available to some crimalien, or even some predator, who claims to be depraved because he’s (or she’s….!) deprived. Now that we have a presumptive Republican nominee, we really have to get beyond the Never Trump posture and make it a Never Clinton posture. Our beloved and young republic is at stake….

  5. Walter Knight

    Liberals like to look to Europe, whether it’s socialism or traffic circles. Next comes restroom attendants to keep our stalls safe, and to sell us toilet paper.

  6. GreenBeretLTC

    A-hah, Walter. Restroom attendants! More government employees!