Loretta Lynch: “I’m Not Familiar With That…”

Posted January 28th, 2015 by Iron Mike

It’s been a painfully long day in the Senate Hearing Room – as the GOP-controlled Judiciary Committee slowly explores the background and thinking of AG nominee Loretta Lynch.
Loretta Lynch  slick-talking liar

And she is one skilled slimy evader of the straight answer!
She “hadn’t even heard” of Obama boast that “…there wasn’t even a smidgen of corruption in the IRS…” Wow! 

Senator Jeff Sessions tried to pin her down – asking if she believed illegals have a right to a job here,….and she damn near didn’t give him an answer.

Over and over again she began her replies with the caveat that she ‘…wasn’t familiar with that’,…or ‘hadn’t read up on that’, …or like the Obama boast ‘…had never heard of that’.

It’s as if she’s been getting her news filtered by NPR and MSNBC.

She’s a slick and practiced liar – just like Obama. Even has his big ears!

As I said, – it was painful and tedious to watch. The Democrats on the committee are thoroughly delighted with her, – and their carefully scripted questions produced well scripted replies delivered flawlessly.

When questioned about illegal immigrants,  – it struck me that this potential First Black Female Attorney General seems patently and utterly indifferent to the impact of illegal Mexicans on the job prospects for young Black inner-city kids.

It’s as if the Obama Democratic Party has made the calculated decision: “Screw the Black votes, – we’ll get them anyway.  Let’s go after the Mexicans!”

3 Responses to “Loretta Lynch: “I’m Not Familiar With That…””

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I contend that we have reverse racism in this administration in addition to pro female and definitely pro liar. Where do they do to find and vet these people? We know that after all is said, not said and done, Ms Lynch will succeed the more than controversial Eric Holder and again we will be stuck with a Chief Law Enforcement Officer with racial, illegal immigrant and most likely a pro black criminal, anti police officer bias.

  2. Hawk1776

    Lynch’s best friend is Holder’s wife. If her nomination is approved, the Attorney General’s gender will change but nothing else will.