Look! We Found Biden’s Boat Parade!

Posted August 8th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Folks, the Obama-Biden Kleptocracy wasn’t the first US leadership team to overtly or inadvertently sell out US interests to China.

It started with Nixon – who had the best of intentions, – – i.e. trying to end the hostility with China that was killing US Troops in South Vietnam, – and ease nuclear tensions.

But then each in turn – Ford, Carter, and Reagan failed to grasp was happening as trade with the US enabled China to grow, – while their promise of “an operator for every machine – every day” made it way too easy for US Manufactures to move to China.

Then Bush Sr,  Clinton,  GWB,   and Obama made it easy for China to grow and flourish at the expense of the American working family.  Clinton handed them critical military technology and secrets in exchange for campaign cash.

Only Trump in the modern era saw the evil,  – and moved to stop it,  – even as Americans on the Chinese payroll were trying to stop Trump.

During the Obama-Biden years,  the Chinese navy grew enormously,  – and is now ready to challenge us in the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans,  – while we’re still hamstrung by the AA / EEO / LGTBQ stupidity forced on our military during the Obama years.

Do you think the Chinese navy promotes pygmy admirals?

Our modern navy has troubles just sailing ships without collisions.

During those eight long terrible years – Obama got rid of our best fighting generals and admirals, – often on the flimsiest of excuses.

It has taken 3½ years of diligent hard work under Trump to rebuild our military,  and the job is far from done.

It will take a minimum of another 4 years to groom and train the next generation for fighting generals and admirals – real warriors,  – and to rebuild competent and spirited navy crews.

2 Responses to “Look! We Found Biden’s Boat Parade!”

  1. Vince Picarello

    Great job in putting this together Mike….the story must be told.

  2. Kojack

    Most are unaware of the damage HUSSEIN did to our military. Replacing the hardware is the easy part.