London Bridge Stabbing Today!

Posted November 29th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Before the cops got there – civilians jumped this asshole!

England’s anti-gun culture and laws didn’t prevent this goon from taking a random life.
Lesson for YOU:  Carry your piece – everywhere!  

At the facts come in, the London Bridge knife attacker was a known Muslim terrorist.

Usman Khan, 28, was convicted in 2012 for terrorism offenses for his part in an al Qaeda-inspired terror group that plotted to bomb the London Stock Exchange, the US Embassy, and kill Boris Johnson.

In a land where the honest subjects of the Queen are not allowed to own or carry guns, – a narwhal tusk and a fire extinguisher are pressed into service.

Think the Queen should decorate these guys?

2 Responses to “London Bridge Stabbing Today!”

  1. Sherox

    He was at a rehab program prior to this attack. Doesn’t anyone understand taqiyya?

  2. Kojack

    Mike, this is religious intolerance! HE WAS JUST PRACTICING HIS “RELIGION”.