Loesch: Legacy Media Loves Mass Shootings

Posted February 22nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

A fired up Dana Loesch as you’ve never seen her – blasts CNN,  the legacy media,  the FBIJames Comey,  and the Broward County Sheriffwho failed to react to 39 flags.

16 minutes of righteous fury well worth your time!

The left-wing activists are going to go NUTS over this speech!   Let ’em!

Thank you Dana!   You make me PROUD!

3 Responses to “Loesch: Legacy Media Loves Mass Shootings”

  1. Ben

    What a lady! She’s proof that when you know you facts, you can’t be beat.
    You have to love her, smart, tough, and knows the facts.

  2. Kojack

    Dana really tells it like it is in this video. She really contrasts liberal hypocrisy, double-standards and lies with the conservative truth. Now I like her even more and I’ll be sure to send the NRA a $100 too.

  3. Catherine

    Fabulous speech.