Little Timmy Kaine Admits His White Guilt

Posted September 16th, 2016 by Iron Mike

DemoCRAPS love these attitudes,  – but if fact they do nothing to improve racial harmony.
Kaine is really pandering for Black votes,  – and fueling the fires of Black racists.   Who wrote this speech…?

Anybody think Jesse and his Poverty Pimps care about Little Timmy’s White Guilt – except to exploit it for more FEDERAL MONEY?


It seems Little Timmy is ready to continue Obama’s World Apology Tour – across America – one Black neighborhood to the next….

Has he forgotten the price the Union Army paid to free the slaves – 151 years ago?

Has he forgotten the TRILLIONS of DOLLARS American Taxpayers have poured into Black Communities to improve education, job opportunities and life expectancy,…

.only to see racist Democrat politicians squander all those lives and all that fortune by turning Blacks into captive voting slaves again, – with poverty pimps like Jesse Jackson acting as willing and obedient plantation overseers…?

…and watch Democrats set up abortion clinics to kill Black babies – at taxpayer expense…?

You should feel GUILTY Timmy – for even being a DemoCRAP!

Oh wait,…I FORGOT….you’re the former CHAIRMAN of the DNC!


Timmy,…did you tell the Black Pastors how Obama and Hillary are bring in 600,000 Syrian Muslims – to take jobs away from inner-city Black kids?

Why didn’t you tell them Timmy…?


2 Responses to “Little Timmy Kaine Admits His White Guilt”

  1. Marc

    I think the time has come for slavery reparations. And since reparations are intended to correct a wrong, and the wrong that needs to be corrected was bringing the ancestors of these malcontents over to America from Africa, the obvious remedy would be to send them all back again. Who’s with me on this?

  2. Sherox

    What about the other “races” who were slaves such as the Chinese, the Irish, etc. What about those blacks who were owned by blacks? Should blacks be paying blacks?