Lincoln Chafee – All About Himself

Posted May 29th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Chafee all about meAmerica’s MOST UNPOPULAR governor
gives up all pretense – he switching
from ‘Independent‘ – to Democrat.

Why? With approval ratings in the cellar – and up for re-election in 2014 – he didn’t want to look for a private sector job – what with unemployment in Rhode Island at 8.8% and the nations 21st highest foreclosure rate.

So despite sitting astride a 68% disapproval rating,  Lincoln [who was appointed to the US Senate when his Republican daddy John died in ’99] figures that voters will still vote for anything with a ‘D’ next to their name…. Sadly, the spineless creep may be right….
His dad, John Chafee, – a US Marine who fought on Guadalcanal and Okinawa in WWII, – must be spinning in his grave.

3 Responses to “Lincoln Chafee – All About Himself”

  1. Ben

    I met Chafee a month after he lost to Whitehouse in’06. I talked to him about the then rumors that he was going to leave the GOP and he told me to my face that he wouldn’t. Lying piece of garbage. However, there is a chance he might not win the primary. State Treasurer Gina Raimundo looks to be a formidable candidate. She just might be able to take him out. I’d laugh my butt off if that happened.

  2. Casey Chapman

    WE should all donate to Gina’s campaign. Anything to help shove this lying piece of garbage out of office. I have to give him credit, however, for taking the mask off. If only all the RINO’s in D.C. would do the same.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Just to prove that I am willing to put my money where my mouth is, I just contributed $10 online to Gina’s campaign. How about you?????????


    God Bless you Casey!!!