Like Ebola – Hillary Just Won’t Die!

Posted October 29th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The Evil Bitch just turned 71…..and dropped a few remarks at NYC’s 92nd Street YMCA on her 71st Birthday,  – sure to thrill her dowager Klingon supporters.

Carefully IGNORES that no Democrat / Socialist candidates want her out on the Mid-Term Campaign Trail with them….

BEHOLD Peasants!  The Queen of the Clinton Crime Cartel reveals the TRUTH!

She wants the POWER – but doesn’t have even 10% of Trump’s energy….just look at her posture in the chair….

Can you even imagine how many more people would have to die “tragic and unexpected deaths” – for this evil woman’s next presidential run…?

3 Responses to “Like Ebola – Hillary Just Won’t Die!”

  1. Ben

    She just can’t ride off in the sunset. She is the bad penny that keeps showing up.
    Do everybody a favor, go away. You had your turn and more.

  2. Mt Woman

    This old gray mare should be done! No kidding, ain”t what she use to be, I’m not really sure what she was when she was something! The best thing she could do for America is retire, although her constant presence does seem to give Donald something to talk about and a reason to remember to vote Republucsn.

  3. Vic

    She looks like she had a house dropped on her!