Lifetime Dem Doug Schoen Withdraws Support!

Posted October 31st, 2016 by Iron Mike

There are A PRECIOUS FEW THINKING LIBERALS.…who understand crime,  investigations,  treason,  and the impeachment process.….

…he’s old enough to remember the last time a Clinton was impeached!

Hillary supporters should read our Constitution,  particularly Article III, § 3,…and think if they really want Creepy Clown Tiny Tim as their PotUS 46….


3 Responses to “Lifetime Dem Doug Schoen Withdraws Support!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    I’ll bet Kaine’s salivating over his prospects, here. I’ll bet his pants are even getting messed. But maybe that won’t be in his future, as one of our most boisterous Republican turncoats, Glenn Beck, just JUST conceded that Trump’s now got this in the bag….but added “if” he stays on message….

    Myself.. I’m making reservations at the Chrystal Gateway Marriott for January 19-21. I’m goin’ to Trump’s inauguration!

  2. Mt Woman

    Don’t begin measuring curtains just yet, there is still time for anything to happen. There are some real dopes out there like the one who drove by the Leominster standout yesterday. She kept yelling out her car window, “I want to see his taxes, He still needs to show his taxes, What about his taxes”. These are really STUPID people. Did you hear that Wikileaks further implicated Donna Brazile in sharing questions with the Clinton campaign? Trump was correct, the election is rigged–just not necessarily in the way most think — at the ballot box.

  3. Kojack

    “Hillary supporters should read our Constitution, particularly Article III, § 3,…and think if they really want Creepy Clown Tiny Tim as their PotUS 46…”

    The MORONS who support the HILDEBEAST don’t give a rat’s azz about her criminal background or the Constitution. In fact a co-worker told me today his wife is STILL voting for her. And I’ve heard numerous people (mostly women) call in to talk radio and say they’re still going to support her as well. They are a lost cause.