Life Is Hard These Days For Scott Brown

Posted April 17th, 2015 by Iron Mike

It’s just gotta be tough – a new election cycle approaching and he just Dipshit Emerituslost TWO (2) US Senate races – and nobody wants him to run – not even for dogcatcher!

So Scott grabs a sidebar headline when and where he can –

…even if doing so proves what we learned the hard way – he was NEVER one of us.

Scott,  do you ever think about all those TEA Party folks you blew off…back in 2010…after you went to Washington…?

Oh Crap – there’s more:

When a so-called ‘politician’ needs to explain yesterday’s remarks – it means he failed to test the wind – and his shit blew back on him…

So today Scotty is trying to explain what he ~ really ~ meant…

Enough Scott Brown

Scott, is your head SO fat that you can’t figure out that the press is USING you…

– that they know you’re a loose cannon,  – a bloated ego with a burning need to be seen as important…?

Scott Brown likes Hillary

3 Responses to “Life Is Hard These Days For Scott Brown”

  1. Flick

    Like I said to you before IM, “did you ever think that ‘Scott Brown’ would be a verb”?

  2. Hawk17776

    I would make a better President than Obama. Everything is relative.

  3. Sherox

    He needs to shut up now.