Liberals Won’t Look At Consequences

Posted February 20th, 2018 by Iron Mike

From plastic-filled town dumps,  to hordes of homeless shitting on city sidewalks,  to teenage drug gangs and teenage pregnancy in our inner cities,  to illegal Mexicans voting in California,  – liberals seldom foresee the evil results of their “good intentions”.
So back when Al Gore was selling ‘man-made global warming’ – and castigating “those big gas-guzzling SUVs”,….of course some wily schemers decided to make electric cars.

And everybody cheered!

Without realizing they’d need a new generation of battery to operate – rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.   Big heavy ones.

Soon there was a big market for cheap cobalt,  – and the Chinese were on it like white on rice!  They have mining ventures in the Congo,  but they also buy huge amounts from small ‘artisanal’ or family mines,  – where the ore is smuggled out of the country by the ton and ends up in the hands of China’s Huayou Cobalt Company Ltd.

Of course the average liberal Dhimmicrat driving an electric Prius believes they’re doing their part to save Planet Earth,  – and are blissfully unaware of the child labor and cobalt smuggling that went into their battery-powered hypocrisy.

How did our city dumps fill up with plastic bottles?

What’s TODAY’S “Crisis”?  

A school shooting in Florida.

Will Liberals THINK,…or even bother to read our Constitution,  – as they yammer for yet another ‘feel-good’ solution to the problem of the criminally insane shooting up schools,  churches,  and movie theaters?

2 Responses to “Liberals Won’t Look At Consequences”

  1. Ben

    But the liberals blame everyone else but themselves. They are the high and mighty ignorants.

  2. Sherox

    But they did something to help! Unlike those evil Republicans who did nothing.