Liberal UNC Co-eds Get Arrested!

Posted May 19th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It seems that neither their moms,  – their dads, – nor their high schools taught either woman anything about Free Speech or Private Property….

This first co-ed snatched a pro-life sign from the hands of Austin Beigel,  and walked off with it – looking for a place to dispose of it, when police came to ruin her day.  The prior week Beigel had been punched by another feminist SJW, Jillian Ward age 19.

The sad take-away is that in 2019,  liberal young women will come to blows in their fight to kill their babies,  – rather than practice abstinence – or even safe sex.

The assault by Jillian Ward:

The (yet unidentified) Sign Thief:

If anybody down in Tar Heel Country can ID the sign thief,   please leave a comment.  She needs to feel the fame!

A quick internet search reveals that UNC’s Poly Sci department is full of ooey-gooey socialists,  – but they don’t even begin to discuss our Constitution until the 400-series (senior year) courses.  It’s a breeding ground for mindless snowflakes riding unicorns…

No wonder these co-eds don’t know about the Law, Free Speech, or Property Rights.

The Department Chair – Mark Crescenzi – has been there 20 years,  and has allowed his college and his university to wallow in liberal make-believe….  But he writes books.

3 Responses to “Liberal UNC Co-eds Get Arrested!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Two lucky girls, there. I suspect most guys on campus, when assaulted as such, would have engaged in self-defense and knock both of them on their third points of contact!

  2. Ben

    It’s too bad their parents didn’t feel the same way.

  3. Sonny's Mom

    “Why are you arresting me? I was just expressing my right to free speech. And I only moved the sign. I didn’t break his jaw. Anyway, it’s just a clump of cells.”