Liberal Oklahoma Mayor Faces Recall

Posted August 16th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Unite Norman just turned in 20,560 signatures in their attempt to force a recall election of their new mayor – Breea Clark.

Mayor Clark’s police budget-cutting seemed to many as a ME-TOO reaction to the groundswell of DEFUND movements following the death of George Floyd.  But the local police were not involved….so it seemed groundless.

Unite Norman collected 20,560 signatures (they need 18.124 good ones) and just turned them into the City Clerk.

In fact,  the good citizens of Norman may have come to realize that they elected somebody they really knew very little about.

A quick Google,  and a glance at Breea’s Facebook page reveals a woman with a totally unnatural obsession with having her picture taken,  – and posted for the world to admire.

It seems to way beyond garden-variety narcissism;  – does the Mayor consider herself as a Social Influencer…?



One Response to “Liberal Oklahoma Mayor Faces Recall”

  1. Kojack

    I’ll take Pam Bondi or Lauren Boebert over her any day of the week. Full disclosure, I find conservative women beautiful and Lib-Turd women hateful and ugly.