Liberal Hypocrite Matt Lauer FIRED!?!

Posted November 29th, 2017 by Iron Mike

How outrageous was it – over how long – for a sleazebag network like NBC to finally act?

There is ALWAYS more to ANY story than the Media is willing to tell us…

UPDATE:   Wed evening 29 Nov 2017   The flood gates have opened on Lauer! Guess he thought he was above the rules….   And he has a beautiful wife at home….



One Response to “Liberal Hypocrite Matt Lauer FIRED!?!”

  1. Joe Ureneck

    ‘Inappropriate behaviour’ ? Who the heck knows what that is? Doesn’t matter how
    deserving of a take down a man is, liberal hypocrite or not, any allegation by a woman should be taken with so many grains of salt until details are known. False allegations against men are rampant and the definitions of sexual assault and harassment so broad that *every* man is by default guilty because he was is a man.


    Do a little internet research Joe. The guy has a BIG problem!