Liberal Boy Mayor Blames White Supremacists

Posted May 30th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Their narrative is warping and morphing before your eyes!  Suddenly Little Jacob Frey,  – the liberal boy mayor of riot-torn Minneapolis has been given his new script:  BLAME THE WHITE PEOPLE!

You are now REQUIRED to IGNORE what you’ve seen in photos and video;  – mobs of mostly young Blacks (armed with iPhones of course) looting stores,  burning a police station,  and utterly ruining the neighborhood they grew up in.   ALSO: please IGNORE that thus far 86% of the 36 rioters / looters arrested have LOCAL addresses.

Mayor Frey’s change of tune – and his suddenly blaming unseen White Supremacists and outsiders is FULLY UNDERSTANDABLE.

He’s an immature coward, elected to high office by liberals (thinking he’d go along with every wacky ooey-gooey idea they had), and he was totally unschooled and unready to lead in a crisis.

He’s a punk in a necktie – with a sissy-boy haircut.

And now the National Democrat Party insiders have handed him the script for the rest of 2020 – – somehow it was those Trump-supporting White Supremacists who snuck into town under cover of darkness, – and started all the fires.

ATTENTION VOTERS:   Next time you vote, don’t be thinking about adding desert to the school lunch program,  – or about which candidate is the prettiest or sexiest.

Think about the night the lynch mob is trying to burn down your police station,  – and who you want in charge. 

In Minneapolis they voted for the cute girly-man.  The scars on their city will last a lifetime.

Now fighting for his political future, the Pretty Boy Sissy Mayor Frey has sold his soul to the Democrat Party, – and will shift blame onto non-existent “White Supremacists”.

This sends the message that he’s AFRAID of being called a RACIST – afraid to blame the actual Black youths who started the riot,  – looted the stores,  – and lit the fires.

He’s become a blame-shifting apologist.

You know who has a haircut like Mayor Frey’s…?

Who wears it best, – Mayor Frey or Woody Woodpecker?


3 Responses to “Liberal Boy Mayor Blames White Supremacists”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    Look at the cities where there has been loss-of-control.
    Democrat/leftist controlled?

    Define ‘stand down’ [safe haven] order.
    Define ‘organized’ group.

    Has there been coordination of ‘organized’ [& funded] group(s) in Democrat/leftist controlled ‘safe haven’ cities across US – and what might that say about pre-knowledge to those group(s)?

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    All this because of one convicted felon who tried to pass a counterfeit twenty and then resisted arrest….oh, and one incredibly stupid cop with three just plainly stupid accomplices…..

  3. Kojack

    I just heard on the Jeff Kuhner shoe on 680 WRKO that SOROS IS PAYING THESE ANTIFA-BLM AGITATORS $20/HOUR AND BUSSING THEM IN! They are on the same side as these blue state governors and democrap mayors.