Libby Warned Them; ICE Came Anyway

Posted February 28th, 2018 by Iron Mike

So much for her OATH to “Well and Faithfully”….   To Mayor Libby Schaaf the illegals of Mexicafornia are more important than any old oath.   She warned the illegals of the weekend ICE raids.

Her defiance of Federal Law Enforcement – and Donald Trump – make her the Heroine-of-the-Week in California.   She may also be in the cross-hairs of a Justice Department arrest for harboring federal criminal fugitives. 

It seems California Democrats (one-world socialists) can see no evil in even the most violent criminals – particularly if they are from Mexico. 

The recent acquittal of Mexican murderer Jose Inez Garcia Zarate was only shocking to the rest of the nation.

In Mexifornia it reflected the pro-Mexican / pro-Illegal culture,   – where there is one set of rules and laws for White Americans,  – another for Blacks,  – and still another for illegal Mexicans.

So Mayor Schaaf said “it was her duty” to warn her residents about an ICE raid,  – because she opposes Trump.

The raid took place anyway – some 150 criminal illegals were rounded up.

RRB encourages AG Jeff Sessions to lower the boom on these law-flouting “Sanctuary Mayors” – who have taken the law unto their own hands.  Fling a few in jail – along with their beloved illegal criminals,  – and see if any attitudes change.

We wonder if Mayor Schaaf can envision the day when one of her own family members falls victim to the criminal acts of an illegal she has sheltered…?

Maybe Libby would enjoy “Biscuits in Prison” – with her friend Hillary?

3 Responses to “Libby Warned Them; ICE Came Anyway”

  1. Catherine

    Arrest her. Charge her with EVERYTHING under the sun; there are so many violations of federal law in her actions to include.

    Even if she were to do no jail time, a hefty fine to be paid out of her OWN pocket would stop her, and probably stop a slew of liberal fruitcakes who might otherwise pull the same illegal stunt. After all, they’re mainly in office for power, money, and self-aggrandizement. Suffering orange jumpsuits and loss of money is a big deterrent to those looking for the items listed.

  2. Panther 6

    Catherine is right, arrest Schaaf and put her away – there must be a law out there she violated,,,Maybe as simple as placing law enforcement officers in jeopardy This sanctuary city stuff has to stop.

  3. Walter Knight

    Now that Mayor has used this stunt to establish her liberal street creds, I expect her to be seeking higher office. She needs to be prosecuted now.