Liar-in-Chief is a Child Abuser!

Posted August 13th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hello Americans,  thanks for clicking in.

Tuesday was probably the saddest and lowest point in the OBummer pResidency.  We watched lies, misrepresentations, bombast, and yes – even public child abuse from our sitting pResident.

Obama came to Portsmouth, NH seeking a union-heavy audience heavily disposed to favor his “everybody in” brand of national socialized medicine.  But taking no chances, Organizing for America brought in bus loads to pack the hall. 

At first blush – to the uninformed observer – it was classic Obama – flashing his toothy smile, – telling a few sarcastic jokes, – talking again about his mother and grandmother, fretting over 47 Million uninsured, and trying to reassure a doubting America that ‘all those scare tactics by the Republicans and the insurance companies just weren’t true”.  “We’re not going to kill GrandMa”.  The snake-oil salesman was in nearly top form. 

But think about it – – with three (3) different versions of HR3200 moving through the House, – each over 1000 pages long, – do any of you believe Obama has read any of them?  Most members of the House now actually admit they haven’t, or are only part way through.  Mr. pResident, – you’re in no position to issue us any such reassurance.  You were being bombastic at best, – but most likely just lying to us – again. 

Mr. pResident, you ~ might ~ have a shred more credibility if we’d seen your birth certificate,  your college and law school transcripts and writings,  your income tax returns as a “community organizer”,  and your wife’s college records,  papers and tax returns.  But with your entire life cloaked in secrecy, – you have no legs to stand on, – and many of your former fans are starting to see the big picture.

To add legitimacy to your sales pitch you claimed the AARP was “on board” with the Plan.  But even that über-liberal lobbying group has learned their lesson, as droves of angry seniors are canceling memberships.  They quickly issued a release saying that it’s not true, that they have NOT endorsed any of the plans.   This was another Sergeant Crowley moment for you Barack, – stating as fact something you either believed, – or wanted to believe – without actually knowing the facts.  At very best this is called ‘playing fast and loose with the truth’;  – frankly a piss-poor showing for ‘a Harvard-trained attorney’.   A pattern is rapidly emerging. 

Then our pResident showed us all how truly low he can sink, and how truly desperate he is to sell us this snake-oil.  He called upon 11-yr old Julia Hall of Malden, MA,  – who read a question about seeing “mean signs” and wondering about why people want health care.  Soon enough the ploy was blown, when the Boston Globe reported that little Julia’s mother – Kathleen Manning Hall,  is a devout Obama operative, an attorney, and Obama contributor who’d met the Obama family previously.  Gee, – WHAT  a coincidence!!  Yeah, right!

Mr. pResident, – that little piece of theater was wrong in every dimension and aspect.  As the father of two young daughters, your own parental instincts should have kicked in early and stopped it.   Even if her mother was willing to pimp her out, – you should have said “No!”  So your willingness to have this kid now be forever known as your health care shill is despicable.  It is nothing less than child abuse! 

Lies, bombast, misrepresentation, planted questions, and child abuse – all in one trip to Portsmouth.  Hell of a trip report OBummer.  Too damn bad we taxpayers had to pay for it all.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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