Lex Tea Party gets marginalized… who’s next?

Posted July 25th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

The GLBT agenda folks who didn’t want to see the Lexington Tea Party exercise their right to free speech, exerted “political” pressure on several candidates who were scheduled to speak at this Tea Party event. So, some “supposed friends” of the Tea Party showed their true colors and backed out of their commitments to speak, forcing the sponsor of the event to cancel.

How sad it is that these candidates: Eric Dalhberg, Kamal Jain and Mary Connaughton; along with Todd Feinburg (WRKO), Christen Varley (Boston Tea Party), and Carla Howell decided that they were more aligned with the GLBT crowd than the Tea Party who previously supported them.

It’s time that we get behind candidates and supporters who are aligned with the ideals of the Tea Party Movement: lower taxes, smaller government, greater freedoms. These are the messages that need to be espoused by those who we support, from whatever party.

If MassResistance (an organization that seeks to protect school children from the insidious GLBT message that GLBT supporters are trying to force upon us) can’t speak, then what are our principles? Why are these politicicans so afraid of someone on the agenda with whom they don’t agree?  If they disagree, let them say so; not just back out like cowards. What does this say for their support should they get elected? It tells me that they’ll buckle under to the fringe interests instead of supporting those who helped them get elected.

There were some bright spots: Gerry Dembrowski, Earl Sholley, Mike Stopa, Sandi Martinez and Jesse Segovia didn’t back down. The first four are candidates and deserve our support.

I don’t know about you, but I’m very disappointed that the Tea Party buckled to a little pressure. Better that they would have held their event and used it as a forum to speak against those who showed no spine. I’m also disappointed that someone from another Tea Party (Christen Varley) organized these folks to drop out.  rr

One Response to “Lex Tea Party gets marginalized… who’s next?”

  1. ironmike

    235 years ago REAL American Patriots stood their ground against the bayonets of the British Army. Seven Americans died on that spot!

    Today we have half-hearted “patriots” and the tyranny of “politically correct” RiNOs and single-agenda activists. Together they are working in tandem with the Obama Cartel and Duh-val Patrick to move us closer to World Socialism. The GLBTs better wake up and realize that in an Islamic Socialist society [Obama’s vision] – they’ll have no rights. They’ll be executed – just as they are today in Iran and Saudi Arabia. Eric Dalhberg – who started this crap – hang your head you RiNO!