Lewandowski VS The Lynch Mob

Posted September 17th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It was all just theater, – ugly ugly theater, – as Democrats tried to construct sound-bite moments for their re-election campaign ads.  They know they have no case,  – but that cold fact isn’t stopping them.

Lewandowski held his own, bit back at them, – and left unscathed.  Even Nadler’s hired gun couldn’t lay a glove on him! FULL VIDEO:

Cory is a likely 2020 Republican candidate for the US Senate from New Hampshire – running to unseat MoonBat Jeanne Shaheen – who needs to go!

By mid 2020,  many of the Dems on this committee will be wishing that today’s hearing had never been held, – as these clips are used against them.  All Democrats should be ashamed. 

This was not ‘oversight’,  – this was Nadler’s witch-hunt! 

2 Responses to “Lewandowski VS The Lynch Mob”

  1. Walter Knight

    This will be a good launch for Lewandowski to be elected to the Senate.

  2. Kojack

    Lewandowski trolled the DUMMYCRAPS good. It was HILARIOUS! He actually made their CLOWN SHOW even funnier and they were infuriated that he didn’t take seriously. BRAVO CORY!!!

    Former NH House Speaker Bill O’Brien announced that he is running to un-seat moon-bat Jeanne Shaheen this morning and was endorsed by Ted Cruz. In times past I would be supporting O’Brien, the genuine conservative, but with times being what they are and the ultra-low bar set by the DUMMYCRAPS, I want someone who is willing to get down in the gutter and do whatever it takes to win. If Cory Lewandowski announces I will be supporting him.