Levin: “Mister Schiff Is A Shill!”

Posted March 15th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Alas,  so many traitors;  – so few bullets….

Mark Levin runs down the names of the Deep State conspirators who are being shielded by the Mueller Investigation and the Media.  Six minutes of righteous fire!

Robert Mueller and his allies like Adam Schiff,  – seem to believe in the Goebbels Creed: 

Tell a big enough lie,  – retell it often enough,  – and eventually a majority of the people will come to believe it.

Mueller and Schiff are stalling for time.

One Response to “Levin: “Mister Schiff Is A Shill!””

  1. Vic

    “Alas, so many traitors; – so few bullets….”
    Mike, We’ve got plenty of bullets. We lack the will.