Let’s STOP The Fear-Mongering – NOW!

Posted March 20th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Either by evil plan or by inept carelessness,  the Chinese have set loose a virus that kills the old,  the weak,  and the infirm.   Now the Western World and the USA have been reacting like cockroaches, – scurrying for our safe hiding places.

It took three years under Trump for this nation to recover from 8 years of Obama;  now we’ve destroyed all those gains in three weeks.  Why? 

The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

The hypocrisy of the Media is staggering.

In this country Planned Murderhood used to kill well over 1 million babies (mostly Black) per year; – down to vic 640,000 per year more recently.   The Media cheered!

Nearly 68,000 die here each year from drug overdoses….about 11,000 from drunk driving….and over 250,000 from medical malpractice.

There are nearly 50,000 suicides here (many veterans) each year.

Each year here in the USA some 23,000 (mostly elderly / poor health) patients die of the flu.

As of this posting there have been an estimated 17,000 cases of Coronavirus – with just 229 deaths. Those who died were almost all older, with preexisting conditions like asthma and emphysema. Most were previous smokers. Many were already in nursing homes due to deteriorating health issues.

Here’s a statistic:  Chicago 2019:  2754 shot / 461 killed / another 56 stabbed to death.
Wanna check the stats for St. Louis, LA, Atlanta, Baltimore, Newark, Philly…?

BUT,…the Media wanted a CRISIS to help bring down Donald Trump! 

Their hysteria machinery went into overdrive,  – and like trained circus monkeys,  Americans bought into it.

Wake the FUCK UP you Lemmings!

Many of you are watching your retirement funds evaporate,  – even as US Senators with insider briefings are selling short.

You are allowing “Government” to close your businesses,  – even letting mere state governors tell you you can’t go to church?

You think hoarding toilet paper will save our Republic?  What will you be wiping your ass with come September?  Come next March…?

We need to get Americans back on the job,  – while we still have an economy to salvage.

We DON’T NEED Government Checks,  – we need PAYCHECKS!

Even the treasonous anti-American assholes who run the Media need to realize that when advertisers can no longer afford to buy ads, – their networks will collapse like a house of cards.

OK,  so if we all go back to work, – and back to eating in restaurants,  – will the Coronavirus spread? Probably,  – but before the PANIC it was already spreading, – and thus far only 229 have died.

All deaths of the unborn, the young, the healthy, and the innocent are tragic,  – but we’re all getting older every day,  and sooner or later that Chariot is gonna come swinging low for each of us.

Do you really want to let our left-wing media drive our economy into the dirt – in the hope that Trump will be defeated in November?

Do you really think Biden or Hillary could engineer a recovery from 40 or 50% unemployment?

Would their first instinct be to borrow Chinese money to throw at the problem?

We need to accept the risk that at least another 229 elderly and compromised Americans ~ might ~ die of the Coronavirus (on top of what they already suffer),  – and get this economy going again, before we look like post-war Germany.

3 Responses to “Let’s STOP The Fear-Mongering – NOW!”

  1. Sue Ettwein

    Very well said, Mike.

  2. Leonard Mead

    It may be time for Trump to start opening up the fake news print and TV to lawsuits for the chaos, fear, and damages they spread daily in the insane belief that the misery and death will tarnish Trump.

    Thus, they now refer to the “Trump Virus” and bitch that calling this virus a CHINESE virus (truthfully) can not be allowed.

    Sure, a very few of the media REPORT the news. But most attack the best administration in our history because they have become sick with insane hate against Republicans because crooked Hillary lost lost the last election.

    Socialist news needs to be crushed with truth and objective REPORTING which has almost disappeared.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative

  3. Walter Knight

    Is anyone curious about why Italy is so hard hit by the China Virus?

    Northern Italy has 300,000 Chinese workers. The Chinese New Year celebration caused a huge amount of travel between Italy and China as the virus took hold. That’s what infected Italy.

    President Trump saved us by banning direct travel between China and the US on January 31st. Trump was highly criticized by liberals and their media with accusations of racism, but once again he was proved right by putting America first.