Let’s See The Missing Picture!

Posted October 30th, 2012 by Iron Mike

The Obama White House released this staged photo-op of ZerO ‘in command’ during Storm Sandy.
So where is the photo of him during the Benghazi Massacre?

Note the very casual – almost indifferent – body posture of ZerO.  It tells you how much he really cares…

3 Responses to “Let’s See The Missing Picture!”

  1. MC

    Remember the picture of the OBL raid and Zero was sitting in the corner wearing his golf shirt & black golf jacket. I notice the media hasn’t mentioned that he didn’t order that raid. Did it seem strange to anyone else that he would have been sitting in the corner (side) when every other picture he has to be front and center.

    The ony person Obama cares about is “Obama”!

  2. Tom

    Was he prepositioning and ordering the utility companies and the first responders to the predominantly Democrat districts that were ravaged by Sandy? Was he talking with his lawyers as to how they can contest the election should he loose? Will he blame the Halliburton Hurricane Machine piloted by Cheney and Rove? So many questions, so few answers.

  3. Prim


    I heard it from a good source….. He is going to blame BUSH !