Let’s Grab A Quick Bite He Said…

Posted March 12th, 2018 by Iron Mike

If it was a set-up,…it no longer matters.  The sneaky video ended his career.

Their stalker captured less than 60 seconds,  – just enough to end a career,  – and give Iowa Democrats free ammo for November.

The young lady has been identified as Lindsey McCune – a lobbyist for the Iowa League of Cities.  No fallout yet on her career,  – but perhaps she’s not married,  – and she certainly isn’t a powerful elected lawmaker.

Now if this was Massachusetts,  – the outrage would be that a man kissed a woman,  – right out there in public!

UPDATE:  11:15 PM Monday 12 March   And SUDDENLY things make more sense – thanks to a Reader’s TIP!


If she was paid $4,523 by Bernie,  – how much was she paid to entrap Senator Dix?

4 Responses to “Let’s Grab A Quick Bite He Said…”

  1. RJ Traver

    You’re absolutely right. She’s a former staff member of the Bernie campaign. Leading Democratic blog gets this video shared with them rather than a normal news outlet. Seems very much like a setup……


    TY RJ!

  2. Mt Woman

    Is it fair to say that all men in positions of power or authority need to know that someone is always out to get them. Be careful, be watchful. Your life is an open book with social media and the resistance movement.

  3. Hawk1776

    Those sex robots are starting to make more and more sense 🙁

  4. Panther 6

    You would hope that after all the problems that have beset our politicians when it comes to the opposite sex, or orientation, that they would have learned. They could even try celibacy until they are no longer in the public eye. YET they continue to fall prey to the folks who want to hang ’em high’