Let The Trump Haters Vomit All Night!

Posted July 8th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Photos emerge from the G20 meeting,…and Hillary-loving Trump haters are going to be very sick.
Because it seems that several members of the Trump family are comfortable with international diplomacy,….maybe from years of running international businesses…?

As always happens,  – there were plenty of behind-the-scenes / off-camera meetings, – and Trump was in several.  So First Daughter Ivanka filled in for Dad at a meeting about Female Entrepreneurship.  As a woman who runs a successful fashion line – she knows what she’s talking about.

Just ask any Trump-hating Obamaphile:  “What business did Michelle Obama start and run?”

Or,…ask a butt-sore Hillary-lover what business did she start (her corrupt fake “charity” doesn’t count…).

Day-by-day,…it becomes VERY CLEAR that we got way more than just a change of presidents last November! We got the complete crew!

All the critics who began 2016 thinking that Trump was just a self-promoting showman and a shrewd real estate developer….

.should probably pull out their binkies,  and start looking at the FACTS and the RESULTS.

The American People are being very well served!   Thank God!

4 Responses to “Let The Trump Haters Vomit All Night!”

  1. Dom Caruso


  2. Mt Woman

    The women in Donald’s world are accomplished, skilled and have resumes of their own. Melania’s speaking one on one with Vlad Putin was not merely a photo op, but a woman of intelligence and substance involved in meaningful dialogue with the leader of Russia. So too, Ivanka leading a discussion on women and enterprise was substantia and relevant from a young woman with a multimillion dollar international fashion business. Did the Trump presidential team make their mark on the G20–YOU BETCHA!!!

  3. Panther 6

    Iron Mike did a great job of summing up the TRUMP and hence US happenings and success at the G20. Concur with Mt Woman that the Trump ladies bring a lot to the table. My judgement, after just 5 months, is that Melania is a much more attractive and even more intelligent and CLASS ACT than Jackie Kennedy about whom everyone raved at the time. Jackie never really lit my fire.

    As for Melania VS Michelle O,,,well don’t even go there. Ivanka is also a class act and frankly between the two of them the next three and a half years should be fantastic. I believe they will make America proud.

  4. Kojack

    Saw some dumb-ass DEMOCRAP STRATEGIST on Fox & Friends this morning complaining about Ivanka filling in for POTUS on the G20 Female Entrepreneurship Conference because “she doesn’t have any legislative experience”.

    Well, dah, 1st of all, the Donald is a man, shit-for brains, this was a FEMALE Entrepreneurship Conference and 2nd, it wasn’t about legislation it was about entrepreneurship!

    Unfortunately, none of the hosts pointed out the obvious to this asshole.

    I agree with the previous commenters, the trip was very constructive and a total success.