Let The 2014 Blame Games Begin!

Posted August 9th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Stuck defending the most worthless and most treasonous pResident in America’s history, – Democrats running for re-election can only hope to blow smoke – and deflect the blame. It has always worked for low-information welfare moms, teachers, and union toads.
Boehner and Reid
But the truth is that Dirty Harry Reid essentially ground the 113th Congress to a halt
– thinking that his Socialist party could fool Americans – again – this election year.  Arm yourself – and spread the truth:


The Republican-led House did a pretty decent job of getting the People’s Business done, – and launched the ONLY investigations into Benghazi, the VA Scandal, and the IRS Targeting.

House and Senate Democrats did their best to block these investigations – and Harry Reid essentially stopped all meaningful House bills in their tracks.

113th Congress

Harry Reid’s Senate passed just 45% of the bills sent over by the House. What were they doing with their time?

Thanks to Senate Democrats:

– our Southern Border is weaker,

– our military is weaker,

– our State Department is run by a self-serving fool,

– the IRS and the Justice Department are in outlaw mode,

and the most inept and traitorous president we’ve ever had is free to publicly ignore our Constitution and abandon our allies.

He’s even let a heroic US Marine rot in a Mexican jail – since April 1st!

If you see a Democrat running for re-electionask them what they’ve done to help free Sergeant Tahmooressi…

3 Responses to “Let The 2014 Blame Games Begin!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Harry Reid is helping to complete the transformation of America that Obama started. Too bad it is into a socialist state. If we don’t fight back.

  2. Hawk1776

    I often wonder whether Harry Reid is senile or just the most miserable person in the world.

  3. Wiliam Clark

    Read “Why walls won’t work” By Michael Dear, GW spent Billions on fencing and Boarder agents, most of the fence was never put up correctly or it is falling down, there are places where large rocks were in the way and they fenced up to each side of the rock allowing a three foot gap on each side. Fences were put-up by multiple low cost vendors and NG Engineers. I worked in Yuma AZ, I saw first hand how easy it as to cross the border, people on the US side cruise by in Pick-ups and they jump in the back and speed off. Same for the Detroit river near St. Clair Power Plant.