Lessons Union Teachers Won’t Teach

Posted December 7th, 2021 by Iron Mike

80 years ago this morning across America – all was quiet – as families went to church.   By sundown, our nation was in shock.

Many at first believed this was another George Wells “War of the Worlds” production,  – unable to believe that far-away Japan had really dared to – or even could – attack the US.

Today as we watch China prepare to invade Taiwan,  and Putin prepare to move his army into the Dombass,  – Americans would be wise to reflect on the reasons that made the Japanese think attacking America on a Sunday morning was a good idea.

Did the Japanese view Americans as essentially peaceful and pacifist,   – i.e. a people without a warrior character…?

Did they view the American leadership as indecisive and weak?  Did they believe FDR was too frail to be an effective leader?

Did Americans – and the whole world,  – pay a huge price in blood for having elected, – then twice re-elected a frail cripple as our leader?

Did American voters in 1940 fully understand how their world had changed since the end of The Great War (World War One)…?

Did they understand Japanese economic needs and ambitions?   Or was the Orient just too far away to bother with…?

In 1940 – 1941, most American school teachers were Patriots.  They were proudly American,  – they were on OUR SIDE!

Today your unionized public school teachers – and even college professors,  – are globalists at best, – most vehemently anti-capitalist, – and they are unwilling to believe anybody in the world (except Trump voters) could have evil intentions….

They’re so smart they believe in man-made global warming,  – but they’ve never even heard of the 60 million Chinese that Mao starved to death….or the 20 – 30 million Stalin starved.

Today,  80 years after Pearl Harbor,  – the STRONGEST leader on the planet is going to have a video chat with the WEAKEST leader on the planet.

How do you think it will go?   

How soon will American ships be sunk and planes shot down?

Russian troop buildup on Ukraine’s border

If American blood is spilled,  thank your local union school teachers (domestic enemies) – 40+ years of them, – for giving us a dumbed-down American electorate.

How else did we end up with a Dementia Patient and an empty-headed Racist Whore in the White House?

2 Responses to “Lessons Union Teachers Won’t Teach”

  1. Jim Buba

    On Friday, December 27, 2019 a state of war …

    (Wuhan-Democrat) n-Corona Virus

    Dr Wen Liang was arrested and interrogated for four days, signing his confession, promising to never post on anti-social media again. Dr Liang was re-arrested in January, 2020 and died in captivity on February 6, 2020.

    Schumer, pelosi, newsome, chomp, Baker and clinton lambasted President Trump publicly until the Virus was successfully deployed into the U.S. via Canada and Mexico.

    Fortunately, it was just the flu

  2. Varvara

    Good article Mike. Keep them coming.

    Jim…. don’t stop.