Lessons From The Shutdown

Posted October 18th, 2013 by Iron Mike

It was a good-news / bad news story from Day 1. Some of our worst fears – about Obama, – our Congress, – and our overgrown government, – proved very well-founded.
113th Congress

Our Constitution:
There still is a working set of Checks & Balances.  An off-the-reservation despot like Obama can be stopped – when members of Congress have the courage to use it.  

The 113th Congress:  There is precious little courage in the 113th Congress.

26 ‘Republican’ senators – led by Minority Leader McConnell,  and 87 ‘Republican’ congressman – including Speaker Boehner [allegedly a Republican] chose to worry more about getting re-elected than about representing the voters who sent them to Washington. They must be driven out of office!

The ObamaCare Fraud:

It was never about delivering quality health care – or about ‘people dying in the streets’. It was about achieving total government control over every phase of your life – from conception, -to birth [if they let you] – to when and how you’ll die.
System Is Down
By an eerie quirk of fate, the launch of the ObamaCare website came the same day as the government shutdown. The website is still a miserable failure.  Democrats can dream, – they just can’t deliver!

The Anger-Driven Obama Cartel:

With months to see this crisis coming – Obama did nothing to avert it. Instead he [perhaps advised by Valerie Jarrett] thought he could use this ‘perfect storm’ of budget battle, debt ceiling, and ObamaCare roll-out to destroy both the GOP and the TEA Party.

To be fair, the Republicans planned poorly – but then, once you subtract the RiNOs – there are so few of them.

All those ‘CLOSED’ signs weren’t printed overnight.  There was a lot of planning by the Cartel.  We can be thankful that their public image was one of hard-line no-compromise. Some Democrats woke up – finally.  Obama is now more isolated than ever.  It will make him more brazen and reckless. Stay alert!

Military Leadership Disappoints

As a life-long soldier, I’m terribly disappointed with our military leaders.

We spend so much time teaching troops, NCOs and officers about lawful vs unlawful orders – it was painful for me to watch the Generals execute Obama’s order to “make it hurt…” – by closing commissaries, closing chapels, furloughing chaplains, and most repugnant of all – freezing survivor death benefits.

Worse, we don’t really know who gave that order, – Obama himself or Valerie Jarrett. SecDef Chuck Hagel isn’t smart enough to have issued it himself.

Just for SHOW

But Obama – who spent 4 years using our troops as backdrops for his self-serving speeches – finally proved what we’ve been saying about him.  He despises our military as much as – if not more – than any segment of our society.

The NON-Essentials

If some 800,000 government employees were deemed NON-essential, and furloughed, – why do they work for the government?   What do they actually do?

But Obama made sure they knew they’re in the ‘protected class’ – when an emergency bill passed to guarantee them retroactive pay for their furlough.  Maybe you’ve lost your job to ObamaCare or the Obama Economy, – maybe you’ve been cut to 29 hours….  But your taxes still pay for 800,000 non-essentials – WITH retroactive furlough pay. You better believe this was to buy their loyalty – and their votes!

National Park Service

The most stark example of Obama’s hatred of Americans and American values was the National Park Service spitefully shutting down our parks and monuments. Obama said to ‘make it hurt…’, …and they did.Park Service Making it HURT

It will take at least two generations before the image of park rangers and park police blindly goose-stepping to der Obama’s drumbeat can be erased.  It was a sad demonstration of Obama’s class warfare in action – the ruling class and the rest of us…

New Leadership Emerged

Cruz and LeeOn the bright side, – we now know which politicians cannot be trusted to represent our interests – or even to uphold their oaths. New leadership has emerged, – for the moment seemingly fearless in the face of brute Obama thuggery. God Bless Ted Cruz and Mike Lee – and keep them safe!

The Blamemeister

Ha haNothing so revealed Obama’s narcissist inner self as his address to the nation immediately following the senate vote.

He needed to tell people that he’d finally gotten his way.

And he needed to blame others for the shutdown….

Crying ChildMaybe it started when he was a child in Indonesia – maybe he learned he could manipulate grownups – because nobody wanted to see the little black kid cry…

No matter where he was born, – no matter who his father was, – no matter what any real or fake birth certificate says, – he is not one of us!

No AMERICAN president in history – EVER ordered the US Government to go forth and HURT the People!

We Americans have yet to elect our first Black American president!  So it might still be Allan West!

Americans – start cleaning the House and the Senate  The RiNO YEAs

2 Responses to “Lessons From The Shutdown”

  1. Casey Chapman

    We need to work WITH Ted Cruz and others to get the above rino’s and did’s out of office.

  2. Flick

    A radio station conservative in NJ has promoted his program of ‘GRIP’ for 25 years. ‘GRIP-Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians’. Since there are no term limits, he says “vote them all out at the end of their first term, so they know they need to produce during their limited term, then pay them accordingly.”