Leslie Millwee Talks To Millennials

Posted October 19th, 2016 by Iron Mike

If you’re too young to remember Monica Lewinsky and Kathleen Willey,  maybe you should listen to Leslie….
Bill Clinton and his evil wife have destroyed hundreds of lives,  – and gotten tens of thousands killed.  (Over a million if you count his inaction during the Rwanda genocide.)  Now another of his victims has come forward to tell her story.

This is a story about Bill Clinton – a serial rapist

Sickening stuff indeed,  – so use your imagination, – try look back to the 1980s – and see Leslie as 20 years old on her first job….


Just think:  If all these women had kept better records,  been a little braver,  – and come forward in 1992,…

– and the GOD-DAMNED MEDIA had done their job…..there never would have been a President Clinton….

5 Responses to “Leslie Millwee Talks To Millennials”

  1. Panther 6

    She is very believable. I also can understand her hesitancy to come forward at the time. BUT the demorats will say “Where has she been all these years?” and “What difference does it make Bill C isn’t running for President.” Anything to deflect the allegation which as I said sounds sincere and true to me.

  2. Ron Motta

    Amazing how the same folks who let this vile, raping creature slide because “he was a good president” are up in arms over Trump. Instead, they say that “he’s not running for president”. Nice try. His equally vile “wife” has stated that “Bill will run the economy for me, cause he’s pretty good at it”. Sounds to me that this vile, out of touch extortionist WILL be a major player (literally) in the tragic event of Shrillary going all the way.

  3. Raymond Smithson Sr.

    sounds like a cocaine high, I used for a while, and it does fuck you up with some strange actions, any of you that use know what I mean.

  4. William Clark

    But Donald said his accusers are all liars, that he is better than Bill with his philandering with women.

    After the comment of not accepting election results – November 8th decision should be over before dinner time.


  5. Sonny's Mom

    Here we go again. Troll-in-residence “William Clark” tosses out phrases like “But Trump SAID…” hoping to convince you that a confirmed refutation, with witnesses, is even less believable than Bill Clinton’s pathetic denials and weak excuses.

    The Trump accusers have gone to ground, while their stories continue to be investigated and discredited: