Leon Fresco – Giving Away Your Birthright

Posted May 8th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Meet the deviously dedicated Cuban-American attorney who doesn’t much like America the way it is.  He’s the architect behind the new $7 Trillion ‘Immigration Amnesty Bill’.
Leon Fresco Selling Your Birthright

You thought you hated ObamaCare?   You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

Comprehensive Immigration Reform? In your eye! Or, up your azz!

Nearly 900 pages so far – the bill is not ‘immigration reform’.  Its a wide-open door – which will forgive ANY and ALL past sins/ crimes/ even terrorism – by people who come – either as ‘immigrants’ – or claiming to be ‘refugees‘.

–  It will cost us at least $7 Trillion.  AND

–  it will allow 11 – 20 million illegals to come / stay /re-enter even if already deported.

–  it will flood state welfare systems [despite the ballyhooed claim that immigrants ‘won’t be eligible for federal welfare’].

It comes with a three-part amnesty program.  Even former Islamic terrorists will be admitted…

There will be a new ‘Blue Card‘, new ‘Green Cards‘ and new ‘Guest Worker Programs‘,…and fast-tracks for college graduates….

It’s NOT a ‘Path to Citizenship’ – it’s a path to your checkbook!

And guess what; – it DOES NOT SECURE the BORDER!

Yeah,…I know,…you’re shocked…(not)!

What is Leon Fresco’s role?

He is the immigration attorney / staffer working for NY Socialist Senator Chuck SchumerHe wrote the damned bill!  He’s running interference for it.  HE is the evil brain behind selling out your birthright, giving away your country,  ensuring your kids and grandkids work their asses off to support illegals [oops] legal immigrants!
Gang of Eight Traitors

Schumer is the public face – a member of the now-infamous Gang of Eight Traitors. Fresco is the hard-working legal termite [Yale 2003] busily eating away at the framework of our Republic.  He’s on YOUR payroll!

BTW, if you are a Black American Citizen, particularly one living in any American inner-city,…this bill pretty much guarantees your family another 4 or 5 generations stuck right there – amid the gangs, the poverty, the drugs, smack in the middle of the Democratic Voter Plantation.

The Democrats have you right where they want you – no further catering or programs are necessary.  Now they’ll do to Mexicans what they did to you!

CALL your SENATORS!!  Tell ’em Leon wrote a BAD BILLScrap it and START with BORDER SECURITY, – and deporting criminal aliens!

Note that the Class II Senators are up for re-election next year – some have already said they’re not running again.  Tell them this bad bill should not be their legacy.

4 Responses to “Leon Fresco – Giving Away Your Birthright”

  1. Blossom Stiefel

    This proposed Amnesty legislation will affect every aspect of American life. Our national security, our welfare programs, taxes and spending, our health care system, the education of our children and crime. This bill will have a long lasting impact on the economy, and the entire fabric of our American way of life.
    Our top priority needs to be our national security. Many times we heard that Congress is going to get serious about securing the border, but it never happened. Work on that. This bill would give too much power to an unelected official (Sec of Homeland Security), and we all know what she has done to protect our country. The enormous magnitude of this bill will add to our already out of control federal debt, and have a huge impact on the way we live, and the implications for our economy. This bill will bankrupt our nation and add to our incredible national security nightmares.
    All of the lessons of 9/11 have been forgotten by an American leadership that has a tremendous obsession with political correctness.
    We must not sell out our nation. Stop this insanity!

  2. Casey Chapman

    All this will do, is get more money into the hands of the Dumbocrats, both documented(legal) and un-documented(illegal). What a world, what a world.

  3. Dr. Coastal Girl

    They always lie and say these people will not be eligible for federal welfare. Yeah — true — because the Feds expect the already-bankrupts states to foot the bill!!!!!!!!

    Yes, these people will eventually vote and then the Socialists will be in power without any ability to kick them out.

  4. Varvara

    Iron Mike strikes again. Just what we need, another wide open door for more freeloaders. When will these congress critters learn to listen to the people?

    Yes, let them all retire, not run again, go away…..