Legal Marijuana: Unintended Consequences

Posted November 18th, 2018 by Iron Mike

For at least a half-century – marijuana smokers have lobbied for their weed to be legalized.  This week the first legal pot shops open for business in MassHole.

A few folks will enjoy their sweet dreams….  But for others,  physical and legal nightmares are just about to unfold.

There will be Stoned Driving accidents – and a whole new class of lawsuits.

Insurance policies will soonly be rewritten,  – to include exclusions for any accident that involves driving stoned.

Workplace rules which already forbid smoking – will soon forbid coming to work reeking of weed.   Restaurants may follow suit.

Kids will get into smoker’s private stashes at home – and try it with their friends,  – even (most likely) at school,  and of course they’ll get caught.

High school and college grades will drop, as will SAT scores.  Yes,  marijuana DOES alter young and developing brains….BADLY!

Soon a new legal question will emerge:  “If a restaurant or bar can be sued – and lose it’s license – for serving a patron too many drinks – which then caused a serious or fatal accident….

…can a pot shop ALSO be sued and shuttered for the same reasons…?”

Liberals thought they were being SO Progressive when they voted to open Pandora’s Box….

The Law of Unintended Consequences is about to add a 21st Century Chapter!

And the Lawyers are grinning ear-to-ear!

3 Responses to “Legal Marijuana: Unintended Consequences”

  1. Leonard Mead

    But Mike — But Mike —

    Since gun criminals don’t bring their guns into “gun-free” zones to avoid violence, what makes you think pot smokers will drive stoned? Aren’t we all law-abiding citizens?

    Ahhhh, wait, I guess there are 20 million plus characters in the US who AREN’t legal citizens — maybe they won’t go by the rules.

    So — we’ll have to look out for THEM. (heh heh)

    Len Mead,
    Unwashed Conservative

  2. integrity 1st

    Looking at the politicians involved is telling.

  3. Panther 6

    Yes, several states have set the precedent, Colorado for one, and the lawyers will be checking every accident. Bad move but a done deal for the great State of MA. I fear this will continue to spread across our nation.