Legacy: 40 Years Of Black Poverty Pimps….

Posted September 24th, 2020 by Iron Mike

10:30 a.m. Monday 21 Sep – Hartford CT:    A police officer spotted a license plate that was on the ‘hot sheet’ and stopped.  This lady became agitated and hostile (she may be a trained agitator) and was anything BUT cooperative.  CAUTION:  She’s a potty-mouth.  

Her rude,  reckless and racist response to officers doing their sworn duty escalated the situation until she was arrested.   Now local agitators are trying to turn her into a victim.
How did this woman think this encounter would end as she continued her racist ranting?   Was she trying to become a “victim”?

4 Responses to “Legacy: 40 Years Of Black Poverty Pimps….”

  1. Varvara

    Yes, I agree, she was trying to make a scene, get others on her side and become a victim.

  2. panther 6

    Just the HOOD mentality of black rights and privilege coming to the fore here. She may well be a professional agitator. Good thing they got it all on tape.

    Wonder what the final call on the hot car was? Was she driving a stolen or not?

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Somehow, I don’t quite think the Founders had this in mind as an exercise in the 1st Amendment. But then Democrats don’t know too many words anyway, and apparently this example of intellect and sophistication falls right in line….

    Gee….do you think her mother is proud of her trash mouth little girl?

    █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █

    Based on this display I can venture a couple of guesses about this Child’s mother…

    Mom isn’t too sure exactly WHO the baby-daddy was….

    Mom talks the same way….

    Mom has several other children – each with a different baby-daddy….

    And the cycle continues generation-after-generation…

  4. Jim Buba

    And I thought Jerry Springer was scripted