Left-Wing Media Discovers New Word!

Posted November 24th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Without Trump,  – they’d have NEVER read our Constitution!

5 Responses to “Left-Wing Media Discovers New Word!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Whoa! Could we in store for a premature President Pence? Now, I have no knowledge of the depth to which Trump’s overseas business extend, or to whom. But can you imagine an activist liberturd discovering a provision in law that requires Trump to divest of such an arrangement and costing him millions or billions of dollars in order to remain POTUS? How’s this for a COA: Divest it to your kids….

  2. Hawk1776

    Asking Trump what he would do with his business was an obvious question. If the Democrats hadn’t been so sure of victory they could have made it a campaign issue. He will work it out, but whatever he does will probably appease his base and piss off the liberals.

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    Hawk 1776: As a wise man has advised me, Trump’s got a ton of lawyers on his payroll to advise him on this matter. Were it a threat, Trump probably wouldn’t have run….

  4. Raymond Smithson

    Almost got the national anthem down pat,, for eight long yrs. I had lost it, but it sounds better than ever ,

  5. Sherox

    Really? And the Clinton “Foundation?”