Left-wing Forgiveness Campaign Begins

Posted April 23rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Obama MoonBat professor says ‘cops used too much force’.
Does she even know the names of the victims?
CNU MoonBat O'Brien

CUNY Professor Ruth O’Brien is an unabashed Obama-lover. Already she has begun the process of ‘humanizing‘ the Marathon bombers, – and shifting focus and blame to ‘police tactics‘.

While many of us might have concerns about police over-reaction last Friday, as SWAT teams searched Watertown for Bomber #2 – following the point-blank execution murder of Officer Sean Collins and the near-fatal shooting of Officer Richard Donahue – WE WEREN’T THERE!

VERY FEW of us have ever apprehended an armed mass murderer, let alone chased one.

Yet before the blood had dried, this career MoonBat writes:

…the mortuary pictures of the older brother of the two are extremely disturbing, raising questions as to whether the Boston Police Department captured him with too much force.”

Hey Ruthie Babe, – if young Dzhokhar Tsarnaev still has legs [he does], – they didn’t use too much force! 


Professor O’Brien didn’t write as part of an over-all left-wing movement.

These MoonBats have these ooey-gooey reactions automatically!

They instinctively distrust anything in uniform as much as we distrust Obama, Soros, Hillary, Holder, Napolitano, John Kerry, Bloomberg or Deval Patrick.  Their reactions were conditioned starting back in the 60s – when the hippies called the cops ‘pigs‘, and the left-wing press and college professors picked up on it.

Abbie Hoffman 1960s

But very soon, the campaign for ‘understanding’ and ‘mercy’ will become organized, and much louder.

For as long as the Bomber Trail dominates the news cycle [thus distracting you from the damage Obama is doing to our nation] – left-wing talking heads will appear – to voice the belief that we ‘need to understand his motives’, and to ‘seek a broader understanding’ of Muslim frustrations and youthful anger.

You’ll hear people in high academic circles saying things like “Dzhokhar cannot be held fully accountable – his older brother made him do it”

We’ve seen the same liberal mindlessness over Philadelphia’s cop-killer Wesley Cook [aka Mumia Abu-Jamal] who was a Black Panther in 1981 when he executed Officer Daniel Faulkner during a traffic stop.

Mark my word, Dzhokhar will have followers, groupies, offers of marriage, and probably ‘Free Dzhokhar‘ t-shirts…

Don’t believe a word of it!   At ANY point along the timeline of imagining the plot, – buying the bomb supplies, – building the bombs, – and delivering them into the packed spectators on Patriot’s Day – young Dzhokhar could have called the police!

He didn’t.  For three (3) more days he continued to be a terrorist – even after the gun battle which downed his brother. 

This is a clear case where one single death penalty just isn’t sufficient justice.

You can reach Prof. O’Brien at 212  817-8670  or email her: robrien@gc.cuny.edu

I’m sure she’d love to hear from you.  Just don’t buy her books.

5 Responses to “Left-wing Forgiveness Campaign Begins”

  1. Casey Chapman

    She is clearly a proud product of our public schools! Slurps the leftie kool-aid all day everyday!!!!!!! This would be laughable if it were not for the fact that a lot of the low information voters will actually believe her.


    It’s WORSE Casey,…she gets PAID with OUR TAX $$$$$!

  2. MC

    Trying to humanize Dzhokhar is going to be difficult. Looking an 8 year old in the eyes and placing a bomb at his feet, going to a college party after, and running over your brother (who was still alive) with a vehicle are only a few highlights in his life. Humanizing that piece of trash will be possible only by folks with like-minded attitudes.

    Oh did I forget to mention…that their next city was going to be New York. This tidbit given by the gentlemen whose SUV they stole and only let him go because he is a foreigner.

    “She praises her reluctance to judge the pair of ‘terrorists’.” What would you call them then Professor, to Martin Richard he sure the heck wasn’t a friend or a babysitter.

  3. Karen G

    I thought he looked like he was in pretty good shape considering his little bro ran over him like a speed bump.

  4. Walter Knight

    Just today on MSNBC a fool hawking his book stated that our using special forces to kill terrorist abroad only creates more terrorists because of collatoral damage.

    That’s similiar to what liberals were saying after the 9-1-1 terrorist attacks, that we ‘had it coming’ because of our pro-Isreal policies. They forget terrorists do not need a reason to kill Americans. They are the enemy, and Ruth O’Brian is a parasitical traitor.

  5. Kojack

    The lefties will defend Islam, an ideology thinly veiled as a religion, even while they’re waiting in line for the chopping block. The only religion they bash is Christianity.