“Law-Abiding Tax-Paying Undocumented”

Posted January 25th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Suddenly the glare of the spotlight shines on Lawrence, Mass and Mayor Dan Rivera,  and that light reveals a very selective mindset toward our Laws and our National Sovereignty.   In his interview last night by Channel 5’s Jorge Quiroga (pron: Hor-Hey Key-Row-Ga),  the mayor revealed his antipathy toward immigration laws.

Maybe he knows that he could end up in handcuffs for hindering federal law enforcement,  – but he seemed far more concerned in protecting his $72,000 federal grant for police radios.  That was Quiroga’s focus.   Lawrence was once the Cradle of the Industrial Revolution in the New World,  but Democrats drove the industry out,….now it is a drug addicted, mostly illegal, and welfare-dependent crime-ridden cesspool (aka: a shithole).

3 Responses to ““Law-Abiding Tax-Paying Undocumented””

  1. Mt Woman

    And to think, this guy was considered the better of two options last year election day. It’s getting near impossible to find sanity among Democrats.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    By their deeds will you know them…

  3. Sherox

    I wish I could say he’s got to be kidding. What part of illegal is unclear?