Lauren Boebert WILL Carry Her Glock!

Posted January 5th, 2021 by Iron Mike

She would likely never have run for Congress if that fake Mexican “Beto” O’Rourke wasn’t threatening back in 2019 to confiscate ARs and AKs.

DC’s new Police Chief, Robert Contee III – JUST sworn in this past Sunday,  has already made a stink. Seems he’s not read our Constitution:

Meet Muriel Bowser’s new boy-toy!

Article I,  § 6,  Para 1 specifically addresses the issue:

“They shall in all Cases,  except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace,  be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses,  and in going to and returning from the same;  and for any Speech or Debate in either House,  they shall not be questioned in any other Place.

Think about that wording!  It’s almost as if our Founders understood there would always be pompous  self-important government officials trying to make up local laws to say what THEY wanted “the law” to say.

Do you think they understood the nature of petty warlords?

MAYBE….instead of trying to showboat,  by going after a law-abiding gun owner who enjoys Constitutional Immunity from his plans to harass her,  – Chief Contee should be trying to find the REAL KILLERS…?

198 Murders….that they KNOW ABOUT?

3 Responses to “Lauren Boebert WILL Carry Her Glock!”

  1. Jim

    It sure seems like she’ll need to keep carrying since the Dems are about to take over the total government. I only hope that this is God trying to teach us all a lesson about the consequences of socialism and communism. We did survive Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama… we can survive this. As long as we stay armed.

  2. Blossom Stiefel

    Lauren Boebert is a refreshing, gutsy and very impressive young woman. Good for her, and good for all of us to have her sitting in Congress protecting our rights. Unfortunately courage is seriously lacking in our legislature today. We need many more people like her defending our country, our liberties and America.

  3. Kojack

    The difference between the previous dark times Jim mentioned in his comments during now is that before we could vote our way back but now the CCP has taken over thru their surrogates of both parties in Congress, and now their bought and paid for Manchurian candidate and his DEPRAVED CRIMINAL FAMILY is about to be inaugurated as POTUS. The CHI-COMMS must be ecstatic.

    Now that they have STOLEN the 2 GA senate seats there is no firewall to stop them from packing the SC, adding the states DC and Puerto Rico giving them a permanent majority in the senate, eliminating the electoral college and otherwise PERMANENTLY rigging future elections against conservatives and preventing us from voting our way out this time. The only way out now is with a 2nd civil war. The USA is over and the USSA begins.