Lauren Boebert Rocks CPAC Dallas

Posted July 11th, 2021 by Iron Mike

She’s doing exactly what her Colorado voters sent her to do – SPEAKING UP!,  and the left hates her already.  AOC attacked immediately,  and even the new Fox News had a snarky comment.

THIS old conservative blogger is absolutely delighted with Congresswoman Boebert;  – even more so since she obviously frightens libturds like AOC and McFall.

We need more like her running in 2022,  – to retire the communist Nancy Pelosi back to her San Francisco mansion,  – and to the feces-covered sidewalks you must navigate to get there.

Remember Folks,  we Republicans and Conservatives believe that your rights come from God – from the Creator,  – – AND that each right comes with a corresponding responsibility and obligation to preserve and protect those rights and not abuse them…

Democraps believe that THEY legislate your rights,  – and thus they can restrict and take them away by edict,  – as they were doing during the so-called pandemic.

If we don’t take back Congress in 2022,  this country is going to be in deep deep shit!

Ammo UP!

3 Responses to “Lauren Boebert Rocks CPAC Dallas”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    People like Boebert are only “controversial” to the RINOs in the gop. Anyone who truly supports the country and its Constitution find her a breath of fresh air, desperately needed!

    Anyone who objects to her – well, they need to be primaried right OUT of any chance of going back to their cushy sinecures, selling out the country a tiny bit more slowly than the blatant leftists.

  2. panther6

    Spoken from the heart without a teleprompter script. Agree with Iron Mike we need more folks not afraid to say what they really feel. Respect that lady greatly.

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    Lauren Boebert is a great patriotic, feisty, outspoken fighter for America, our Constitution and our freedom. We need many more Republicans like her to fight for our movement to MAGA.

    Recently some singer was slamming our American flag, as many others have been doing lately. Lauren’s tweet to them was:
    “There are 195 countries in the world, 194 of them don’t have the American flag. Anyone that hates the American flag so badly, they should pick a flag they like and go live in the country that flies it.” She always stands up and fights for what is right. She is great for America!